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Tuesday, March 8

so, does this make sense or am I still drunk?

“As Hispanic teens shed the language of their native countries and immerse themselves in American culture, they become dramatically more sexually active, a new study shows”
I came across the above headline today and it actually makes sense to me, which oddly it doesn’t to the person that put out the study. Go figure. And to take it farther I do believe that it can apply to most any non-English speaking culture whose young have become Americanized, and I’ll give you an example why. Turn on the fuckin TV to the Spanish Network and what do you see? You see a shitload of muthafucker’s celebrating the Hispanic lifestyle, speaking the language and all that good shit. But the thing about the Spanish Network and Hispanic people that I’ve always personally admired is that they dig celebrating their rich ethnic history. Unlike your standard American who seems to want to erase their past as fuckin quick as they can, Hispanic muthafuckers seems to wholeheartedly embrace their past. A quick exception being the Native American Indian I might want to add.

You can turn on the Spanish channel and see all kinds of folk dressed up like Pancho Villa and shit singing and performing. And except for a few exceptions from back in the day when’s the last time you’ve seen a Black hiphop artist kicking out the jams sporting a fuckin Dashiki or have a video with stinkin assed Cheetah breakin in the background? Now it ain’t a bad thing how hiphop displays its self cause Black America has a flavor and style of it’s own which is how it should be. And it ain’t a good thing either, cause all black folk don’t roll on twenty-four’s sporting mouthfuls of gold or silver teeth, and all Black women aren’t scantily clad ho’s. And in all fairness there are many many exceptions but to see a lot of young Hispanic’s seemingly digging the same shit and style that their great grandparents dug is pretty cool. Which brings this point up. I’m not a worldly man, but from just observing some shit, a muthafucker don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar and shit to see that a lot of the non-English speaking cultures are kind’a heavy on the family unit and I see that as the key.

The eldest of the family is considered the patriarch and is usually held in high respect. The exception being those non-English family’s where the eldest is just plain stupid, but that’s another thing altogether. Anyway the patriarch is included in all things that have to do with family and their decision is highly valued. The young learn to respect what they have accomplished in the past and what that knowledge can teach them. And they carry that respect with them and pass it on to their own families. But when they come to America at a young age and learn the American way and culture, they begin to change. Call it cultural freedom or learning how muthafucker’s do shit downtown, but they do change. And nowadays American culture seems to be all about the bling and the stinkin MTV and how much can a cat get. So of course a young Latino or Asian fresh from the homeland wants to be down with his new American friends and shit. They look around and instead of a cultural thing where courtship was not only expected but also valued, sex is being flung at em like dice at the tables. And what are you gonna do?

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Blogger Shirazi said...

Ya, it does make a lot of sense. Seen in the spirt of today (Women's Day Today), it makes a lot of sense. And it is sad.

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