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Wednesday, April 27


your blogging skills are strong little one

I don’t know if it’s a seasonal thing or what, but I seem to notice more then a few bloggers on my links indicating that they plan to stop posting or have just stopped altogether. I know some of you start blogging for various reasons, and whither you want to talk about your kids and family or shit going on in your life or even if you want to become the next A.W. Merrick, the reasons are yours. But, and this goes out mainly to the newbies, don’t take shit personally and don’t let your blog overwhelm you.

Remember this is the World Wide Web and whatever you write is going to be seen by muthafuckers the world over, not just your friends. But by smart people, stupid people, insane people, rich people, poor people, people who don’t understand you or want to understand you and people who think they know you even though they’ve never met you. So when you talk about things and people take it out of context and start pissing all over you, don’t get all wrung out and shit. The same goes for being opinionated. If you feel strongly enough about something to give your opinion about it, then be ready for people to disagree with you, cause they will. The meanest and cruelest person is the one that remains anonymous. And because they can means that some muthafuckers will try to beat you to death over something you wrote.

Take my advice and fuck em; let em badmouth all they want. Because it is your blog means you have the fuckin freedom to write about whatever the fuck you want. And more importantly how you want. Keeping that understood will enable you to enjoy your blog for what it is, an outlet for freedom of expression. Just don’t take shit to heart when you read some comment that isn’t a glowing tribute to your writing skills. Another thing that new bloggers seem to forget is that anybody can read their shit. So when you write about the assholes on the job or that you just fucked your wife’s best friends brother.

Why are you so surprised the next day when your wife or coworker is standing three inches from your face talking to you in their outside voice? If you don’t want to get narked out, don’t go making fuckin reasons. I know some folks that have just dropped the fuck out because they got busted by a spouse or the job. So in that regard understand that you take a chance everyday of getting read by the very people you just talked shit on. I know I’m starting to fuckin ramble but just remember that this blogging thing is supposed to be kind’a fun. And when it stops being fun is when it turns into work, and that defeats the purpose I think. So remembering these few simple rules will make your life on the Internet a healthy one.

1. Remain as anonymous as you want.
2. Or not
3. Talking about the job can sink your fuckin battleship.
4. If you talk about people you know, be prepared for some serious social interaction.
5. Don’t be all thin-skinned and shit.
6. Don’t be such a fuckin snob simply because you write on the stinkin Internet.
7. Don’t be such a little bitch about shit either.
8. It’s your blog, write about what you like, not about what you think “they” might like.
9. This is supposed to be fun.
10. Next to rolling buck assed nekked in freshly cut grass or having mad whack fatboy sex in the rain, blogging is one of the greatest things to come down the pike in years.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Nightmare said...

Amen Brutha!

"And fatboy sex in the rain"?

Have you been peeking?

11:38 AM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

OH still can't belive you passed on tearing off a chunk of crazy midget lady! Man that was a once in a lifetime circus sex opportunity.

Still jealous.

11:39 AM  
Blogger QueenT said...

LOL all I can say is AMEN!!! I have been following your blog for sometime now, although I never comment. But yours always reminds me that I can say what I wanna say...whether publicly or privately. Its my blog

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are just some visuals your family members would rather not get.... says the sister

11:59 AM  
Blogger Bella said...

LOL, that reminds me of someone who was recently busted for writing about shit at work on his blog. If you're gonna do it, it has to be discreet. This asshole used real names.

I agree - write about what you want, when you want. Do it cuz it's fun.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Blog was recommended to me by someone to read! I am glad I read your post. It was a riot and I enjoyed! Like everyone else says right on and Amen, and every last word you said is the truth, your list should be like a holy grail of blogger rules!

8:29 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

This is great advice. I've been having my own blogger doubts and dilemmas. This was exactly what I needed to read. Thanks.

5:05 PM  

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