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Wednesday, April 6


Oh silly, back in my day we never called them fluffers,
we called it suckin cock. That's right, we were cocksuckers. We pushed war bonds and sucked the cocks of all the American fighting boys. That's how we actresses helped the war effort back in the olden days

I mentioned yesterday where Lauren Bacall more or less said that television actors ain’t shit. Well I did some checking and after talking with some of my many inside sources, I found out that Bogey’s favorite fluffer did some TV acting herself. Besides appearing in over thirty TV shows under the fake name “Herself”, (as if no one knew who the fuck that was) she did a little work back in 1979 in a little known show called “Circus of the Stars”?

She must have gotten tired of eating cat food because in the same year she guest starred in the fuckin “Rockford Files” as Kendall Warren in the episode “Lions, Tigers, Monkeys & Dogs”. Sounds like a porn movie doesn’t it? And as late as 1998 she was guest starring on “Chicago Hope”. And let us not fuckin forget her stellar performance beck in 1965 on the game show “Password” when she got her ass handed to her by Mr. Jack “you’re my bitch aren’t you” Palance! What! What! Yeah, that’s what I thought.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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