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Thursday, June 30

cuff talkin

Last night at the Boardroom I got into a discussion with my old pal and longtime commenter Kose Sose over the issue of eminent domain. After visiting all the points and counterpoints we concluded the conversation with the realization that eminent domain is for better or worse the way shit is. For cities to grow and develop into someplace folks want to live in, change has to happen.

But as we also know, change don’t necessarily make it better. Hopefully city government’s will temper shit with the knowledge that people aren’t fuckin pawns on a chessboard to be bandied about at will and treat em like proper human beings. And as far as the ruling, it’s like someone said the other day on the Internet. That loud grunting gasp heard nationwide the other day? That was the collective sound of every land developer in the country achieving collective orgasm when the Supreme Court issued it’s ruling.

Any true tough guy will attest to the fact that violence begets more violence. And the only way to stop it, is to either make your violence so fuckin over the top that the other party just shuts the fuck down or you deescalate some shit by stepping away from it. The only reason I’m saying this is that for being a medium sized city, Kansas City has become the kill capital of the country. I think at last tally we’re at fifty-five and there seems to be no end in sight.

I’ve discovered a new taste sensation. It’s called ice coffee! Yeah, coffee poured over ice, who would’a fuckin thunk it? I had one this weekend over at Broadway Café. It was hotter then a muthafucker but I was really craving a coffee from there so I walked in and told the kid behind the counter that I needed a coffee. He looked at me and swear to god the first thing out’a his pimply face was, “
little hot for coffee isn’t it”?
Don’t you hate when muthafucker’s do that? It’s like renting porn and when you go to pay for it the chick behind the counter looks at you like you’re some kind of freak. Bitches.

Anyway I must’a had that look on my face cause after dropping some bass in my voice and explaining to him that I’d be drinking the muthafucker inside where it was all air-conditioned and shit, not outside in the hot assed heat. The kid quickly suggested an ice coffee to me. So I tried it, and after mixing it the same way I usually do my coffee, two sugars, pinch of coco with a few shakes of cinnamon and cream. I found it not only very refreshing but cool on the palate. As a matter of fact, at the Hurricane last night I went thru a whole pot of coffee that way. Don’t you just love finding new shit?

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