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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: dancing in the moonlight

Saturday, June 25

dancing in the moonlight

the above custom album art is courtesy of
John Wayne Gacy
how Steve got it is a story into it’s self

He told me to he might have some big news for me. It seems that my old pal Steve Tulipana, the cat whose band website I first started writing on years ago. And lately of “Season to Risk”, “Roman Numerals”, “Pornhuskers”, and “Unknown Pleasures”, along with his buddy and band mate Shawn Sherrill, have taken the big leap of faith. They decided to fulfill a years-long dream and taken on the thankless task of being club owners. Remember Malloy’s on the corner of Southwest Traffic way & Westport Road? Well they are the new proud owners of said establishment and big plans are afoot. Expect huge things to happen late August.

Without sounding like some old ditty and shit, I’m so proud of the both of em. For one I knew Steve back in the day and was around when he got married to one of the best women in town and after that he became a homeowner. Whatever this cat set’s his mind out to do he does, so I guess this means I’ll be needing to expand my circle of socialiabilty and all that since I got a new club to hang out at. “You heard it here first.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger satyavati said...

What is it with you and these creepy clowns.. I'm gonna start posting zombie pictures if you don't cool it some.

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