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Wednesday, June 15


Environmental groups such as Greenpeace and some members of Congress have said chemical plants pose a grave risk and should be required by law to tighten security. The government estimates that at least 100 plants are in heavily populated areas and store enough deadly chemicals to kill or injure tens of thousands
You know how it is when you own a Yugo, and you begin to notice every fuckin Yugo you see on the street, where before you never did? It’s the same when you work for the Man like I do. I take special notice when it comes to people, buildings and security. And whilst on vacation I noticed some disturbing shit. We were passing thru Huston, Texas where I started noticing some shit, the first being that my Federal ID couldn’t get me into fuckin NASA. Yeah, we drove up to the main gate at NASA and I flashed my badge and said that I was from out of town and wanted to drive around and look at the rockets and shit. Can you believe that they told us to hit the bricks? Bitches.
The nation's chemical plants haven't done enough to protect themselves from terrorists, and the federal government must step in and require them to do more, a top Homeland Security official is expected to tell Congress Wednesday
Anyway It wasn’t till in Huston that I remembered that it was an oil town full of refineries and other shit of that ilk. But as we’re passing plant after plant, I noticed the same thing. The security around the refineries and chemical plants wouldn’t stop a blind fat drunk from getting in. The only things that I saw passing for any kind of security were the crappy fences surrounding all the plants. I’m thinking that this is it? After 9/11 and wars over oil and terrorism, this is it?
The Homeland Security Department studied security vulnerabilities at some of the nation's 15,000 chemical facilities. The Bush administration has generally opposed congressional efforts to regulate the chemical plant industry since the Sept. 11 attacks
A bullshit fence scant yard from the road is all that’s stopping the evil Hoard from fuckin up some shit? I mentioned this to my riding companions and that this is the American way. Which means that nothing will get done until someone’s oil plant is blown the fuck up and thousands of muthafucker’s are dead. Bitches make me take off my boots and shit going thru the fuckin airports, but do nothing about fixing the insanely crappy security around our nations oil refineries.
Until now, the Bush administration has favored a voluntary approach to plant security. When he was Homeland Security secretary, Tom Ridge said companies would be concerned enough about the implications of an attack to tighten security on their own. If not, he said, local fire chiefs and mayors would pressure them to act

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Billy D said...

Dude, I was in El Paso a year ago and saw the same shit. But I have to let some ginned up reject from NYC shine a flashlight up my ass to board a plane? Sheeee-ot!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

That is why I'm waiting for the ballon to go up and wipe the planet clean. I think I can survive a nuclear blast and I know I can live off of what ever I can find that is non-radioactive for a log time. So keep pushing that cock-sucker Bush into a fire fight and lets rebuild without the extreimsts and the liberals! Lets just rebuild with regular ol people. Oh and Lawyers will also be out lawed. There is no such thing as interpretation of a law. it is black or white. Sonsabitchs!

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a houston resident, for now, anyway, i could talk about this for hours. a bp plant exploded about 6 weeks ago, maiming and otherwise severly injuring dozens of people; the same company who won't upgrade the safety features of their plant because they think it costs too much, and for whom the EPA and numerous other agencies keep giving an "extension" on the compliance to laws that are supposed to make companies actually do this, suddenly can't write millions of dollars in settlement checks fast enough.
the gaps between the lines keep growing, and more and more words are becoming visible.

8:28 PM  

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