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Friday, June 10

rumor alert

I didn't use my inside sources this morning because they were out scouring up some shit for me. I can't use any names, but here in Midtown it seems that a local club owner who was on parole after serving time for drugs, and who allegedly opened up a new club under another name. Meaning he allegedly used this other cat, a well-known local personality as an alleged figurehead for his new club because as we all know, if you're a felon, you can't hold a liquor license.

Anyway rumor has it that this club owner was allegedly busted again for possession recently, which might explain why the club, which had all the outward appearances of doing so well suddenly shut down due to bankruptcy? And of course this is all rumor and speculation and you didn’t hear shit from me even though shit's all over Midtown.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Tony said...

Rumor rule, so does blogging. Have you outed yourself as my first source? I wouldn't dare call you deep throat. Do you have a vague reference to a porn name that you prefer?

12:59 PM  
Blogger Death said...

I always thought Dirk Diggler sounded nice. Or how about two finger Willie and the Brownie Twins. or you can even call me Gimungus. Or how about my Eskimo name, Klatu. Which means large black man who stands on three legs.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Cerberus said...

Dirk D is definitely the way to go. Sure, you get some attention with those other names on the cardboard sleeve holding the video at the bookstore. But with a name like Dirk Diggler, you are destined for the stars man!

1:57 PM  

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