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Monday, June 20


we’re dancing here………

Not much to talk about today, so I’ll just ramble a bit if you guys don’t mind. Even though I got out and did a few things I felt very alone this weekend. My friends do try to include me in things, but sometimes I hate being the single guy in everything. I went and saw the “Federation of Horsepower” play at the Hurricane Saturday night. It was a three-band bill that night and one of the bands went by the name of “Kwang”. First thing out of the gate the drummer broke his snare and everything was all held up and shit till one of the other bands got around to lending the drummer a snare.

Myself I thought it was unprofessional as hell cause what touring drummer doesn’t carry spare shit like that? But once they got back to playing it didn’t really matter since I thought they sounded like crap. Or maybe not like crap, but very generic? The “Pseudo Plastics” also preformed on the bill that night and I was very impressed with them. They fit in very well with “Federation” being that they both played stright ahead no bullshit rock. I got to the Cane early enough to catch the last set of the happy-hour band playing on the deck outside. They were a surprisingly good blues band from New York fronted by this cat named “Murall Coryell”.

There was a shitload of MILF’s out back dancing to em, and nobody knows how to fun it up more then a group of MILFs with their drink on. They don’t give a fuck, which made em very enjoyable to watch. It’s just something cool about people having just plain ole, unburdened fun without a by your leave as to what muthafucker’s might be thinking. Later in the weekend I did make it over with the full intention of getting my bike on the street but even though I had it on a trickle charger, the battery was deader then a muthafucker. I have been looking at trikes as of late, which are looking more and more attractive to me. And I mulling over selling my truck and current bike to afford one. I also finished the last of the brisket this weekend too; I’ll never cook a piece of meat that fuckin big again, at least not for myself.

Yeah, I might have neglected to mention, but I decided to expand my cooking repertoire last weekend by cooking a ten-pound brisket in the oven. Actually it was the only size brisket I could find. I hit it with this dry rub and then let it marinate in the fridge for a while covered in Worchester and garlic, then I threw the whole mess into a three hundred degree oven for seven hours. It was so tender I was able to slice it with a butter knife. But after a week I was sick of eating brisket, so I’m glad its done. I also watched a couple of cool things on the TV this weekend.

The first one was that “Crossroads” show on the Country Channel Network. You know the one where they pare a country artist with someone maybe from a different genre? Well this show featured Ronnie Millsap playing with the Los Lonely Boys, and they sounded very cool together. And I enjoyed seeing how stoked the Lonely Boys were having Ronnie Millsap playing with em. The other show was the old Freddie Mercury tribute featuring his band Queen playing with a shitload of superstars. I’ve always dug Freddie Mercury and Queen, plus Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” was one of the first rock albums I every brought. Oooh, look at the time, I do prattle about like and old women sometimes, don't I?

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sell the truck? eh? wha?
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