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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: what, me worry?

Monday, June 27

what, me worry?

Now let me make sure I got this right. In the movies when the scientists take the dead people or animal if that’s your cup of tea, and attempt to reanimate em by draining all their blood and replacing it with a sub-zero saline solution, and after that replacing the saline solution with fresh blood, then hitting em with let’s say, an electric shock, and they come back to life, isn’t that when shit gets all fucked up?

Don’t muthafucker’s wake up being all about eating brains and sucking on faces and shit? So when I read in the stinkin paper that scientist have learned how to successfully create “zombie dogs”, reanimating the dogs after several hours of being considered scientifically dead, as they have stopped breathing and have no heartbeat or brain activity in attempts to develop suspended animation for humans, should I worry?

And that the scientists are doing so by draining all the fuckin blood from the dogs and replacing the blood with an ice-cold salt solution which they say perfectly preserves the internal organs and all that good shit along with making the dogs dead. Then after a few hours they drain all that shit out and pump the blood back in and giving the dogs an electrical shock, which brings em back to life. And then they say that the dog’s brains are normal as pie? Should I worry?

Whilst reading the same paper I came across this article about how on Independence Day scientist plans on blasting a hole the size of a fuckin football stadium in a comet half the size of Manhattan Island. They plan on doing this using a spacecraft innocently enough named “Deep Impact”. And the whole reason for doing this is so they can see what the inside of a comet looks like. Yup, NASA’s spending thirty-three million dollars to see what the inside of comet Tempel 1. which should be about 80 million miles away from Earth at the time of impact looks like.

Now personally, I don’t have a problem with NASA spending money on shit like that, cause fuck, who wouldn’t want to see what the inside of a comet looks like? But it’s things like when NASA says not to worry cause they guarantee that their experiment will not significantly change the comet's orbit nor will the smash-up put the comet or any remnants of it on a collision course with Earth. Again I ask the question, should I worry?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

But what if the comment goes off course and years later collides with another planet. Say the beings on this planet are very advanced and can get here and kick our ass, will they still say 80 million well spent.

80 million...let that roll around your head, how many schools can be improved with that money. Hell, you can make 80 million people instant millionairs. Now that might boost the economy a little.

1:19 PM  
Blogger curmudgeon said...

"Again I ask the question, should I worry? "
I probably all depends on how much God hates us.
I reckon we'll find out soon enough.

1:55 PM  

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