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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: blast from the past...pimping ain't easy

Monday, July 11

blast from the past...pimping ain't easy

get yer ya ya's here!

Got to talking about how it is living with two women in the same house when their monthly cycles get all synched up and shit. Its just bad juju anyway you look at it. Then you got that dominate cycle thing going on or what’s known as the alpha pussy. The chick with the dominate cycle or the alpha pussy turns into the head bitch in charge and as far as she’s concerned everyone else in the house are her minion’s to use as she pleases. So once a month all the female cycles break into this weird lockstep and the cat’s start clawing the sheets and shit while the fuckin dog and me stay barricaded in my bedroom hoping they forget we’re here.
Pimping ain’t easy

Then you got Valentine’s Day that’s always a fucking crapshoot. Lets say there’s some chick you dig, do you get her something or not? Will she be cool with it or burn your stinkin house down. If you buy her something too pricey will she consider you a stalking freak? If you low-ball it are you now a cheap bastard? And if you try to circumnavigate all the above shit, then you’re just a cockless bastard? If you buy her roses, it’s “you don’t know me that well”, and that’s only after you become pissy pants confused over the various colors they come in. Oh, and if you do go that route please de-thorn the muthafucker’s, because if you don’t and the fuckin jewel of your eye gets pricked in her goddamned thumb, you’ll be licking ass for months. Cause you know women never forget shit like that, c’mon, we’re taking about chicks that can remember not only what your ass ate on your first date, but the color of the fucking socks on your stinking ass feet.
Pimping ain’t easy

And as the choir breaks into a rousing rendition of swing low sweet chariot, I’m here to tell you that women are the most confusing animals in the jungle, well, next to cats. But you get my fucking drift. Women will spend hour’s getting their shit together before they go out so as to look good. But when you see one and she catches you giving her the round eye its “hey fuckhole, what you looking at”? Or god forbid you make eye contact with the wrong one and she’s out chumming the water’s for fresh kills. The next thing you know your stupid ass wakes up wearing plaid shorts and a wife beater whilst driving a minivan, and all your old friends are busy deleting your name off the speed dial.
Pimping ain’t easy

But what the fuck am I bitching about? We love em and always will. Like I’ve said many a time, if it weren’t for women, men would still be walking around in furry loincloths pulling sticks out of each other’s stinking asses. Cause when they walk up to you all round eyed and innocent and cock their heads to one side and in a little pouty voice asks you if their nipples are properly aligned, none of the above matters for shit.
Pimping ain’t easy

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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you are something else :-)

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