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Monday, July 18

selling America

I was happy to read this weekend that Whirlpool is currently beating out China’s bid to buy Maytag. I have issues with the Chinese government buying American companies. Not withstanding the fact that it’s fuckin China who keep boasting about their ability to hit the United States with missiles and shit. And I’m so fuckin sure that Americans can’t just waltz into muthafuckin Beijing or Hong Kong and buy major corporations without a by your leave.

But it got me curious as to what American companies have sold out to the highest bidder. And I know, selling out has kept some American’s employed and shit. But goddamn, we’re turning into a nation of corporate whores who are apparently more then willing to go sucky fucky with the highest bidder. But anyway, here’s a short list, and I mean a very short list culled from a very long one, of former American companies.

Amoco Corp, owned by British Petroleum, United Kingdom, paid $48.174 Billion

Texaco, owned by Saudi Refining Inc, Saudi Arabia, paid $1.280 Billion

VoiceStream, owned by Deutsche-Telekom, Germany, paid $29.404 Billion

AT&T-Worldwide, owned by British Telecomm-Worldwide,United Kingdom, paid $5.038 Billion

AlliedSignal, owned by Robert Bosch, Germany, paid $1.500 Billion

Mack Trucks, owned by Renault Vehicules Industriels, France, paid $0.104 Billion

General Motors-Assembly Line, owned by China-General Engine Factory, China, paid $0.017 Billion

Simon & Schuster, owned by Pearson PLC, United Kingdom, paid $4.600 Billion

CBS Records (CBS Inc), owned by Sony Corp, Japan, paid $2.000 Billion

Doubleday-Publishing & Printing, owned by Bertelsmann AG, Germany, paid $0.500 Billion

GTE Electrical Prods-Sylvania, owned by Osram GmbH, Germany, paid $1.000 Billion

Zenith Electronics Corp, owned by LG Electronics Inc, South Korea, paid $0.186 Billion

Columbia Pictures, owned by Sony USA Inc (Sony Corp), Japan, paid $4.792 Billion

MGM/UA Communications Co, owned by Pathe Communications Corp, Luxembourg, paid $1.709 Billion

All American Communications, owned by Pearson PLC, United Kingdom, paid $0.500 Billion

RCA Columbia Home Video, owned by Columbia Pictures Entmnt, Japan, paid $0.350 Billion

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co, owned by Bridgestone Corp, Japan, paid $2.533 Billion

Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Co, owned by Michelin, France, paid $1.500 Billion

Miller Brewing (Philip Morris), owned by South African Breweries PLC, United Kingdom, paid $5.574 Billion

Dr Pepper/Seven-Up, owned by Cadbury Schweppes PLC, United Kingdom, paid $2.367 Billion

Snapple Beverage Group Inc, owned by Cadbury Schweppes PLC, United Kingdom, paid $1.450 Billion

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Arathorn said...

Its all about the money corporate greed is gonna be the downfall of our great Nation. I never had any money so it never got a hold on me the onliest thing worth a damn is love and I`m a freakin millionaire in that area.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Death said...

Dear Sir, understandably you’re still relativity new to this blogsite and you can be forgiven for that slight. But there are some things I just won’t cotton too, and one of those is the use of certain language on this site. I don’t what the custom is where you live but around these parts the word (and I use that term lightly) “freakin” is not allowed. My god man, around here we use the word “fuck” and all it’s derivatives as the good lord intended it to be. I assumed you were a higher caliber of Man then that.
The Management

3:09 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

Which reminds me of one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies, spoken by one of my favourite actors:

"Fuck you, fuckball."
-Ray Bones (Dennis Farina) in Get Shorty

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to admit that it seems unsettling for the Chinese to go on an American buying spree.

In fact, they are a major purchaser of US T-Bills, so the US government is in debt to the Chinese. I'm not sure why I worry about Maytag when the US treasury is in debt to the Chinese for many more dollars than Maytag is worth.

With the Chinese buying T-Bills, it helps keep our interest rates down. If they suddenly stopped buying them, our interest might actually rise. So they are probably helping us.

Years ago the Japanese went on a major buying spree and overpaid for a lot of things, went broke on some of them and sold them back to US buyers.

The Chinese have a lot of money to invest, and I'm sure they are purchasing companies and foreign debt all over the world, not just the US.

So I'm not worrying about it.

But it doesn't feel right to have grown up fearing the communists and being best pals with the Chinese. After all, we are supposed to hate Fidel and Cuba.

Maybe Chinese communists are able to contribute more money to our politicians than Cuba. Maybe the Chinese help with our T-Bills helps fund the war in Iraq. Maybe that makes sense. K Sose

5:20 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

The war in Iraq doesn't make sense. Does it?

6:38 PM  
Blogger Arathorn said...

Well fuck me runnin...............I love it when I am allowed to be myself. Thanks for the welcome !!

6:35 AM  
Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Fucking corporate America sucks

4:53 PM  

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