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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: bar gifts & strange bedfellows

Monday, August 22

bar gifts & strange bedfellows

Wanna know how my weekend went? Ok.
I hung out Friday at the Hurricane with Constance (who’s pictured below) and a friend of hers who lives here now by way of France. Sitting on the couch with Constance on one side and Maria (I hope I got her name right) from France on my other side was like stereo hot chick and shit. Very entertaining to say the least.

Saturday I kept it down and spent the day and evening at home doing laundry and such. Sunday I went to my pal Steve’s place, the Record Bar to meet some friends for brunch. I took Steve a bar warming present which happened to be this really old eight millimeter projector I had from back in the day. Yeah, before your mp3’s and DVD’s and shit some of us had to work it out to LP’s and 45’s and rub it out to film reels on the ole eight millimeter. Though I will say that rubbing one out to an old eight millimeter was a lot of fuckin work.

First off you had to set the muthafucker up which was a pain in the ass cause you had to feed the fuckin film down thru it and shit and that’s not counting the time spent looking for a spot on the wall that wasn’t all fucked up where you could project the damn thing on. And that was if you didn’t break the film strip which was kind’a brittle to begin with cause you brought it on the sly from one of the theaters downtown, and no telling how many times that muthafucker had been played.

Of course if you broke it during mid-film you had to shut everything down and raise the fuckin blinds and turn the stinkin lights back on cause you had to go digging around for your splicing kit to fix the goddamn thing. And by the time you spliced the muthafucker and wound it back on the reel and thru the projector, took your clothes back off and turned the blinds and downed the lights and started the projector. Shit you were too tired to rub one out.

Do you know how ecstatic muthafuckers were when the video cassette player came out? Instead of fucking with film reels and shit, we all had these state of the art nine hundred pound video players the size of a small car sitting in our houses. And with remote control to boot. And if you were rocking your remote had the extra long cord on it.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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