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Wednesday, August 31

home is where the heart is

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Some of you know what I do for a day job so you’ll understand when I say that I’m busier then ten muthafuckers. Betwixt moving our regional headquarters across town whilst at the same time being besieged by all the shit going on in the Gulf, things have been odd to say the least. So if my posting for the next week or so is sketchy, I don’t know what to tell you except that I’m busy. But on a sidebar kind’a thing I want to get this off my chest. If I hear one more goddamned time, “
if people knew that New Orleans was so susceptible to getting fucked up why’d they continue living there”?
I’m smacking somebody’s child in the fuckin face. Ok, I want all you so called smart armchair I got shit figured out muthafuckers with all the answers to look around the neighborhood or city you live in.

Some of you cum guzzlers live on the east or southern coast where hurricanes hang out. Some of you little pillow biting bastards call the west coast home where earthquakes are the rule of the day. And there are the flatbackers that live on mountain slopes that are home to quaint old volcanoes. Then you got little ole me living dead square in tornado ally.

Shit, unless your ass lives maybe in the fuckin middle of Montana ain’t many Americans but a hop throw & skip from some sort of ecological disaster that can stright fuck somebody’s shit up, and I don’t see many of you moving across the country to escape the oncoming devastation, now do I? Why? Because that’s your muthafuckin home, the place where you live and work, home is where the heart is and all that good shit.

I can’t think of too many people I know that can just uproot the fuck up and move on. And here’s some food for thought. I know all about this kind of stuff, I fully understand the bad shit that can come from living here in tornado ally or practically next door to the muthafuckin New Madrid fault line, the biggest fuckin fault line in the United States, and moving has never crossed my mind. Bitches!

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Josh Rosenau said...

The pet and person eating bears, wolves, and cougars, as well as home destroying forest fires, in Montana are pretty scary, too.

Good luck with all the disaster relief.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

Yeah but really c'mon..12 feet below sea level, and you expect to live worry free next to the fucking ocean who is the mother of all disasters.

Living with the rest of the natural disasters is just that, living with. The people in N'awlins were just biding thier time before Mom Nature called them all home.

8:38 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

I'm trying to get permission for a LOA at work to come help in the hospitals..can you give me some ideas on a hookup or who I can contact to help get me down there and back...? Let me know.

10:58 PM  

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