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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: weapon of mass destruction

Saturday, August 20

weapon of mass destruction

My gal pal Constance couldn’t resist sending me this picture. She and some of her friends had gone to a fashion show here in town and whilst hanging out doing with I imagine people do at events such as this, eating hors d'oeuvres and watching shit. She was approached by one of the clothing designers and asked if she would take a turn or two down the runway modeling the chick’s shit. What’s so cool about this picture is that my pal Constance is forty-five years old. And trust me, she's a handful.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Arathorn said...

Nice to have beautiful are one lucky dawg.

6:37 AM  
Blogger curmudgeon said...

She don't look a day over 44.

But seriously folks, she's gorgeous!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Damn, tell Constance she has some nice legs.

1:40 PM  

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