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Tuesday, September 20

can't think of a title

yo, one of these days I'm gonna be a famous actor and action star
and do movies with my muthafucker Samual Jackson. fuck the police!

I’ve been sicker then a muthafucker for the past few days, don’t know if it’s a bad cold or what. All I know is that I’ve been feeling like something the fuckin dog puked up. The worst thing about what ever the fuck I’ve got is that it takes away my focus, and it’s hard to concentrate on anything, yeah, that and the headaches plus the coughing, and my stinking brains leaking out of my nose. So as a result I’ve been stuck here at home either lying on the couch or sleeping.

Since I was doing nothing I did rent “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”. When I was a kid, Douglas Adams and this book was more or less required reading if you thought of yourself as any kind of a science fiction nut. But like most things British, it was something you had to ease yourself into, kind’a like Monty Python. So after putting it into the DVD and staggering back to the couch I groggily settled in to enjoy it. And I don’t know if it was because of the way I felt or the alignment of the fuckin planets or what, but after fifteen minutes I turned the muthafucker off due to it being a hugely boring mess.

I ended up turning the TV back on and watching the “Golden Girls” instead. And speaking of the “Golden Girls”, can someone please tell me why this show is still on the air and why is it still so popular? What is it about four old crusty bitches living in Miami that keeps it all over the fuckin cable? Anyway, back to another DVD I watched which was “Triple X, state of the union”.

I remember watching the first Triple X with Michelle who had friends that were BMX bikers and skateboarders, so she knew a little bit about those sports. I found the first one amusing but she was constantly in danger of spitting a lung up due to all the “cool” “extreme” stunts what’s his name kept pulling off in the movie. Now this one didn’t have what’s his name in it, but had instead Mr. I used to be a hard rapper and fuck the police and all that good shit, Ice Cube.

Now I have to give ole Ice Cube his props, his “Friday” movies that he wrote have made him a fuckin ton of money and he seems to have a good business sense about him. But short squatty Ice Cube as someone’s action hero seems to stretch the fuckin imagination a bit don’t it? And Samuel Jackson needs to find those Polaroid’s muthafucker’s must have so he can stop doing stupid shit like this.

That’s the only reason I can think of when an established movie star like Sam does crap like this. Back in the day when he was a young broke starving actor looking for gigs and had to resort to blowjobs in the back room to make rent, somebody must’a snapped off a few rolls of film and shit. So now it’s like hey Sam, how bouts you co-star in my new project? Oh, and before you say fuck you, I got pictures.

PS. I just watched the season premier of “My name is Earl”. It rocks.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Mister Whiskers said...

Ease yourself into something British...

Hey! We're not all like that!

The Hitch-Hikers movie is lame. You need to see the BBC TV series if you want to see it done properly (Complete with Jesus-shitty early 1980's BBC SFX). Go to if you can't get it in the states...

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:17 AM  

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