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Wednesday, September 28

intelligent design equals Stargate

So this morning whilst making myself pretty for work I got to thinking about the big ongoing debate on intelligent design and shit. And whilst I think of myself as an open book kind of cat and more open to other type shit then most muthafuckers. To understand things the way I do I tend to break shit down to its most basic level and build up from there until I have a clear understanding of the thing.

So in my head when I break down intelligent design here’s what I get. If intelligent design is such that the scope of things, meaning life, the universe, ourselves, all the shit that surrounds us is of such a complicated state that it must be assumed that “everything” exhibits the characteristics of being designed by a higher intelligence rather then thrown together all akimbo and shit by evolution. And if the courts who of course are full of the brightest and wisest support intelligent design and tell the schools to start teaching it.

Then does that mean that the government supports the fact that earth was seeded by the big headed aliens and that Roswell really happened and Chariots of the Gods and all the kind of shit is true. And UFO’s are the keepers of the herd stopping by the big pasture that is Earth checking the crop.

Which to me means that if intelligence design is wholly supported means that there is no true gods and we’ve had it wrong all these years and that millions of muthafuckers have died in the name of their fake god. And that we should all be worshiping some big headed Gray in a lab coat who goes by the name of “PcP738734(7..n”.

Anyway, that’s just how it all breaks down to me if anyone gives a shit.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:31 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

I tried really hard, but I couldn't follow the logic here.. I don't think there's a link between Intelligent Design and Roswell, but I do think the gov't knows a lot more than they tell. What's so *bad* about ID anyway?

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's bad about ID is that I don't want ID supporters teaching their religion to my kids. I don't teach my religion to their kids, and they would certainly object if I did. Evolution and scientific theory do not disprove God or aliens. Your faith in God is all you need, not weedling your way into science. Your faith in aliens is quite another matter and justifies quite a bit more Jim Beam.

Additionally, ID is a lie told by creationists to subvert what they do not like in science. I don't understand how they can justify telling a lie to support the spread of their religious beliefs.

Lastly, if it is allowed to be taught as science, it is lazy man's science. Following the scientific method is just too darn difficult. I'll just stop working at looking for scientific answers and give credit to God or Greg's aliens because it's lunch time, and I'm pretty hungry.

I hope that my kids would keep searching for answers following the scientific method and not give up by simply asserting that the answer is God or aliens. K Sose

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way you think makes my brain hurt.
Abynormal sedagive.

Thanks for deleting the post. It was a little too ironic and I got a little carried away. I do apoligize for my actions.

Abynormal Sedagive.

P.S. I will calm it down in futher comments.

11:02 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

Actually, ID hasn't got anything to do with religion, doesn't promote a religion, and isn't supported by a good deal of creationists because it doesn't do either of those things. All ID does is point out that to date, science hasn't quite come up with all the answers, and that the odds of me evolving into this dumpy redneck girl sitting at a computer on the Internet-purely by random chance-are so high that they're for all intents and purposes, impossible. ID doesn't label a God; it just offers an alternate way of looking at things.
Many people forget that evolution is, and has always been, a theory, not fact. In this country, it's presented as fact, with no alternative viewpoints allowed. And therein lies the issue; by teaching theories as fact, and disallowing free thought to question the establishment, we create just as much, and almost the identical problem, as we would if we allowed Creationism, or any other religious or philosophical explanation for creation, to dominate without allowing other opinions.
You may want to read the book 'Forbidden Archaeology', which is an interesting report on what happens when the data doesn't fit the theory.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then, going back to your first comment about not understanding Greg's point, you believe that the "Intelligent Designer," under ID beliefs, could be aliens, or one really smart alien, or it could also be God (but not religion). So Greg must have had a point after all.

Thank you for proving, once again, that Death's Door significantly contributes breakthrough thinking. K Sose

6:45 PM  
Anonymous glassbottom boat said...

If ID doesn't have anything to do with religion, why does it posit a Divine author for existence? The thing about science here is that it is built on "provable" stuff. Sure there are minor elements in evolution that hang things up here and there, but the theory was propounded more than a century and a half ago in the greatest age of knowledge of all time and it still mainly stands. No religion can really say that. The ancient texts are full of things that are provable as lies and deceptions. So, let's choose that over the rational. And I totally agree with whoever said they didn't want these people teaching their religion to his children. Most children in this culture are already little zombie toads, voting the way their mummy and daddy say and believing stuff that simply cannot be, because they are too lazy to actually think.

11:22 AM  

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