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Tuesday, September 6

what's this, a curse free post?

I went over Monday to put my bike back together since a few weeks ago I picked up a battery at one of the local parts stores here in town fairly cheap due to it being was of the non sealed verity. Which meant that in the box with the battery was a big bottle of battery acid that I had to pour into the battery. And I’m glad to say that I seceded in doing so without doing too much damage to myself. So in it went and back on the charger it got hooked up. Contrary to popular belief I still plan on riding the thing and getting it out on the street.

Whilst there I helped my aged mother put together her brand new purchase, an abdominal roller? My mother kills me, for someone almost seventy years old she’s obsessed with her abs and getting em in shape. More power to her I guess, at least it’ll keep her off the streets. This morning before work I stopped by the Broadway Café to enjoy a delicious iced coffee, and while there the cat behind the counter told me that on Monday the staff donated their tips to the Red Cross to help with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

Almost three hundred dollars all told, very impressed I was considering that the coffee shop was only open for a few hours due to the holiday. It made me feel good despite getting hit with twenty questions about the job whilst there on Sunday. Anyway, I know this is a very blasé post and I’ll due better next time I assure you. I’m just not feeling very talkative right now.

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