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Sunday, October 9

blast from the past......he ain't heavy, he's my brother

I got a brother who’s about a year older then I am. He’s not too different from any other older brother in the world. He’s always been more settled then me, better looking and more fit but our biggest difference is in the head. Where he digs the church and the finer things in life and staying true to his path, I’ve always gone the path least followed. I’m the one in the back of the church staring at the church women thinking; “oh yeah, that’s a big ole set of tits”, and he’ll tell me I can’t look at the church women like that. Where he loves the church going women and sings in the choir, I’m banging and hanging with the pole dancers and know all the tough guys by name.

I’ve decided a long time ago that was his life and it makes him happy and if he digging it, then I’m digging it. It’s just not my life. It also makes my parents happy that out of three children they have at least two that fit in with the rest of the world that they can show off to other people. From time to time I think back on the shit I’ve put my brother through and if I feel any pangs of regret?

I’ve enjoyed playing the evil bastard brother, if I didn’t have love for the muthafucker then I wouldn’t play so rough. My brother has always had a problem with the type of women I’ve chosen to live with. He’s never come out and said it, but when the so called good girls were going to church on Sunday’s, my girls were just starting the early shift at the strip club. So one day my brother came into town and he figured he’d drop in on me for a visit. At that time I was living with this serious hard body dancer. She was a good girl but I’ve met horses that could count higher, but I didn’t date her for her math skills. Word.

She was in the shower when my brother came over and while I was getting him something cold to drink I hollered at her to come out and meet him when she got finished. We’re sitting at the dining room table talking when I hear the shower door open up and the slap of wet feet on the wood floor. Sure enough here comes my girl, all steaming wet and nekked from the shower and walking into the dining room. She grabs a chair, crosses her legs and sits next to my brother and introduces herself and starts yakking away. Now my brother being the pious man that he is refuses to look at her and suddenly finds the surface of the table incredibly interesting to look at. I know that on the inside he had to be busting himself up for being such a pussie.

After a while she tells him goodbye and heads back into the shower. I did spank her later for being such a bad girl. Another time he came in to town he wanted to meet me at this bar I used to hang at. The bar had a huge artistic crowd made up of musicians, artists, bikers, and for some reason circus people dug hanging out there. He came down and I got em a drink and asked him to hang tight for a moment. I ran downstairs where the place had a big pool room and saw a bunch of the gay guy’s sitting around shooting some balls.

They asked me who the good looking guy was I was talking too. I said that’s the problem, that good looking guy is my brother and he needs help coming out of the closet. (of course I was lying) When I said that they got all kinds of interested and shit and I dropped a twenty on em and asked em to go and make my brother feel welcome, then I left out the back door. All I know is that later my father called asking me what’s wrong with my brother, he said my brother come home all pissed off and wanting to kick my ass. I do hope he had a good time.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Cerberus said...

You are wickedly evil bastard - it's one of the qualities I admire in you most.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

That is Fucjking perfect! You are the brother I have always wanted!

8:24 AM  
Blogger your brother said...

You are soooooo full of shit.

1:40 PM  

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