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Sunday, October 2

Just my opinion

I’m just gonna talk about a few things bothering me. Main on my list bugging the fuck out’a me concerns the latest cycle of weather we seem to be going thru. I don’t care wither its global warming or sun activity or the earth’s normal cycle of life. Whatthefuckever, but we’re going thru an increased cycle of intense weather patterns and it’s gonna affect the United States more and more.

Shit happens, but the thing that's fuckin with me is the response of our so called leaders, which I can assure you is gonna be shit. See it takes a great person to think beyond his or her term in office or how they’re gonna gain his or her next vote. Those people become our great leaders because they have the vision or foresight to see ten, fifty, or a hundred years down the fuckin road and try to bring things into realization to deal with shit down the road. Then you got the muthafuckers that refuse or can’t see beyond their few years in office and all they seem to give a fuck about is how big a stinkin piece of the pie they can get. These sorry cocksuckers are our every day, run of the mill politicians.

A good example is the shit that fucked up New Orleans where the Army Corp of Engineers wanted two-hundred million to raise the fuckin levees and Congress told em to fuck off and slashed their money to an insulting amount. And the result was shit getting all kinds of fucked up. Why? Politicos thought they knew what New Orleans needed better then the Army Corp of Engineers, which turned out to be shit. Most muthafuckin politicians can’t think beyond their ass and that’s what’s going to be America’s downfall.

All this brave posturing and talk about what needs to be done to make the American public safer against the changing weather is pussie talk because these muthafuckers ain’t gonna do a goddamn fuckin thing. But there’s more. It’s common knowledge that the American public has a goddamn short memory so the public shares the fuckin blame too. Back in the day most folks wouldn’t dream of building on a flood plain or living in communities near costal areas due to the fact that they had the sense to understand that when the stinkin river rises their shit would get fucked up or hurricanes would make life suck.

But thanks to easy living and suburbs and developers who are as bad as politicians, people started living in floodplains and on the side of active volcanoes and places like that. And yeah I know that people have always lived in places like this but not in the massive numbers they do now. Back in the day about the only cats living near the costal waters were old swabbies and their families instead of huge thriving communities. So as a result when Mother Nature gets all pissie the ensuing damage is much, much greater. But people rebuild and developers build and take the money and run. And the government keeps paying for it as do the taxpaying public and politicians keep busy appeasing stupid people for that next vote instead of building and planning for the future.

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Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Planning for the future, now that is a concept that our politicians can't wrap their near sighted brains around.

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