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Tuesday, October 11


Well it’s fuckin Tuesday, and here’s what’s chapping my ass as of late. Like the other day I went shopping for underwear, and whilst in the clothing store for the heftily challenged, I decided to look at shirts also. As I looked around I kept getting more and more pissed. What fucking genius decided that if you’re over a certain weight you gots to be one of the shiny happy people? So fuckin giggly and full of spunk that every thing you’re supposed to buy has to have some sort of stupid logo on it?

I so fuckin hate wearing logos, it gives me the running shits. Just give me a plain black shirt and I’m good to go. Hell, I’ll even pop for the Hawaiian print if it’s loud enough. But every stinking shirt I looked at either had the maker’s stupid logo pasted all over the front of it or some snow cone sucking retard design that would make a pig puke. Goddamn I refuse to wear that shit!

And speaking of logos, if I’m gonna spend my hard as hell earned money on a car, the last goddamn thing I need or want on it is some huge ass chrome dealership thingy stuck on the ass end of it. I paid for the car muthafucker, if you want your fuckin sticker on it you’d better knock off a huge hunk of money for my time to advertise your shit or blow me in public, and after that I’m still ripping the muthafucker off! It’s just another way that the stinkin Man’s reaching into our pockets. You buy a new computer and on it in giant ass letters is DELL. I know it’s a fuckin Dell muthafucker, that’s why I bought the damn thing. But I don’t wanna stare at your name every fuckin day of the week.

And it’s going too far I tell you. Cocksuckers will even tattoo their logo on the back of your fuckin head if you let em and for what? A few bucks in the pocket? And don’t even get me started on you stupid little bitches that insist on wearing shit on your clothes that’s not even in fuckin English! How ball lickin dumb can you be? “Hi Missy, look at my new shirt I got from Old Navy last night. It has these cool Arabic letters all over it. Bitchin huh”? Yeah, you dumb little piece of quim, no wonder the cats at the Eastern café keep shittin themselves laughing every time you wear it. It probably says “Hey, I’m an ignorant American slut, please fuck me in my ass. Praise Allah”. I’m just sayin.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thier goes my hope in getting a Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table coffe mug and t-shirt.

Abynormal sedagive.

1:44 PM  
Blogger curmudgeon said...

That's why those goddamn towel-headed camel-fuckers kept snickering at me!

2:39 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

You're probably right.. it happens all the time in Asia:

8:33 PM  

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