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Tuesday, November 8

chill pill

So I’m reading in the news where this Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Ugueth Urbina was arrested on charges of attempted murder. It seems that last month this cat and some of his boys allegedly attacked several employees at his family home in Venezuela using machetes and then tried to kill the muthafuckers by pouring gasoline on em and setting their asses on fire.

The pitcher is saying that he didn’t have nothing to do with anything but one of the workers is saying that he was with the cats who came after em with machetes and gas and shit. After reading this story I can’t help but think that maybe we’re paying sport stars too much fuckin money. I mean when you’re so fuckin rich that you reach the point where you go all tyrannical ruler on a muthafucker might mean it’s time to back it down a notch. And of course I wasn’t there but I could see it going down like this.
“Hey Pedro, how come you no trim the hedges like I tell you? And where’s Manual, I thought I instruct him to cut the yard from left to right, not fuckin front to back”! “Chingate little chilito muthafuckers, what I say next time this happens, yeah I’m hacking some shit off and setting you bitches on fire!”
It’s like jesus fuckin christ, chill out a bit. It’s only a yard.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you so have a seat on that express train to hell! -- so laughs the sister

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