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Thursday, November 17

cool mom

I was gonna talk today about the “Cool Mom” who got busted for fucking the high school football team. And how I thought that the thirty year sentence the judge hit her with was really harsh and over the top considering that some murderers don’t get half that much. Plus wasn’t that the dream of any red blooded cat in high school, to fuck the hot MILF mom or teacher? I know when I was in school that was all we were about. We worked the hot teacher or the sexy mom on the block like a pack of horny puppies.

Shit, the old man would look out wondering why he couldn’t get us to do our own yard work but the hot mom on the block had us sweating in her yard like we was on a plantation and shit. And double standards aside, I didn’t see the big deal about some older chick on the block serving a few beers to the boys and talking a few into bumping uglies with her cause she’s lonely. I mean every young man needs a Mrs. Robinson in their lives don’t they, and you certainly don’t giver her thirty years in the slammer for fucking strapping young lads fifteen to seventeen years old.

But after having a sit-down with my many inside sources some things have come to light and I’ve had a change of heart about the “Cool Mom”. This bitch is nothing more then an old school whore who instead of living out of the back of some trailer near the dump peddling her crack and stinkin assed pussy, lives in a nice suburban neighborhood.

The reason the court threw the book at her so hard was not necessarily that she fucked high school students. But because she betrayed a trust, for supplying kids drugs like meth and getting em drunk, for being a nasty selfish dirty snatch who ruined the lives of a bunch of kids. Granted a bunch of stupid kids who should’a known better but whom in the long run still got fucked over. Some dropped out of school, some are hooked on meth, some are lost to their families forever.

All because of this stupid selfish bitch who lacked the self respect and care to understand that she as a parent had a trust to fulfill. She even gave her own high school age daughter meth to do. And believe me I’m neither a parent nor a fan of the little narcisstic self fisters that populate our high schools, but a kids natural instinct is to trust adults, especially another parent. And for someone in that position to betray that trust to such an extent needs locking up. Fuck this bitch; let her eat prison pussy for the next thirty years.

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Wow, Oprah should have had her ass on today instead of the white bread folks sitting on her couch today.

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