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Tuesday, December 13

nine-one-one's a joke

Yesterday I noted to one of my bosses that the days seemed to be already lasting longer and shit. He called bullshit on me and told me I was wrong and started spouting something about the winter equinox and how the shortest day of the year had not yet arrived. Oh my god I thought, I’d forgotten how much this cat enjoys skull fuckin questions like this.

So this morning he triumphantly walked up to me with a spreadsheet from the U.S. Navel Observatory to show me exactly how long the days were. He then proceeded to get all rocket scientists on me explaining from the chart how the days weren’t getting longer but were just starting later? Whatever I said, all I know is that the fuckin sun’s hanging out a little longer each day and fuck the winter equinox whatever the fuck that is.

Moving on………..

Everyone’s been talking about this cat Tookie Williams and his execution like it was something that really mattered. I never knew the cat and all I know about him is what I’ve read, so I have nothing to say either way if the cat deserved to be put to death or not, that’s not my issue. Hey, you do the crime you do the time and sometimes you die. But what gets me is the bullshit going on with all the protesters. America is a land full of muthafuckers who can’t see the fuckin forest because of the trees.

By this is I mean that in this country where thousands have lost their lives in a war nobody wants, folks getting killed by the thousands during acts of crime every day across the country. Thousand of people are contracting Aids and other nefarious shit every day. Muthafucker’s will line up to protest and clamor for the life of an exgangbanger like it was the most important fuckin thing on earth. And I’m not saying that ole Tookie doesn’t deserve his supporters, cause he does.

But goddamn, do we really care if some movie star or musician with a high school GED gives a shit, because as soon as that dead bandwagon stops rolling they’re hopping on the next one. And farther more where are the advocates for the victims in all this, the family that he allegedly killed, the kid he shotgunned twice in the back? Do you hear all the fuckin movie stars and protesters lamenting their deaths? I hear from the families but other then them, who else is giving a fuck about the victims?
It sure in the hell isn’t Sean Penn or those other little rich bandwagon hopping on bitches.

And I’ll be the first to say that if some cat walked up and killed the fuck out of Sean Penn’s family, that muthafucker would be all over pulling the switch himself. Fuckin cocksuckers are all about protesting this or protesting that until it happens to them or someone they love. Wait till it's the daughter of some powerful senator who comes down with Aids, I’ll bet the funding for research for that cure will ramp up like a muthafucker. And why, because it’s the American way to protest something or not give a shit until it happens to them.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...


2:57 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

So is this cat at work capable of a simple ys or no answer? It don't sound like it.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous scorpy said...

It's all about the publicity, or in the case of diseases, it's all about who it affects.

And oh lordie, who doesn't hate the man who knows it all and wants to tell you all about it!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Nightmare said...

Those movie stars and muscians remind me of the "CauseHeads" from the movie "PCU". They latch on to a cause and support it for about 15 mins.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Joe Myers said...

Unlike most liberals, I think there's probably a place for Capital Punishment in the criminal code. Most certainly, there's nothing unconstitutional about the death penalty.

But I really resent the concept of "victims' rights." Hell, yes, if someone murdered one of my loved ones, I'd want the murder killed. I'd want it to happen in public, during the halftime of the KU-K-State game, with four tractors pulling the m'fucker's arms and legs toward each corner of the end zones, on national TV with rabid hyenas set loose on the field to lick up the blood and return the turf to playing condition. I'd be that pissed. I guarantee you.

And yet, it isn't enough that someone *DESERVES* the Death Penalty. Near as I could tell, OJ deserves it and is not gonna get it. Robert Blake probably deserves it; ain't gonna get it. Whoever it was who tried to colorize "Casablanca" on home video deserves it, too, along with the creepy people who produce that "Teletubbies" show on PBS (and not because of the supposedly "gay" teletubby; just on general creepiness). But I digress...

I think it's too damned easy for governments to kill people. I think it should be much, much, more difficult.

The Governor (or in the case of federal crimes, the President) should not be allowed to send a human being to his/her maker without sitting down with the condemned prisoner for an hour. The head of state should not be able to off even the worst of an offender with a mere scribble of ink on a Death Warrant; the Governor (or President) should be more than the Chief Executive, s/he should be the *Executioner.*

And if (as what could have happened in Illinois a couple of years ago, when fully half of the condemned prisoners on Death Row were proven innocent by DNA)... if, it turns out the state executed a prisoner unjustly, the Governor, the sentencing judge(s), and the jury responsible should be executed themselves.

I would vote the death penalty against OJ. I would personally take Charlie Manson out into the street and shoot him like the mad dog he is. I think some criminals get off too lightly because they're convicted of *attempted* murder and aren't even charged with murder because the victim had the will or the luck or the audacity to not die as a result of the crime. I think rape is a crime worse than murder because the victim lives with it.

And, I think we've forgotten one of the basics of civilization; one that's distorted by the ephasis on *victims'* rights.

As a civilized society, it is *society* that is the victim... of *every* crime.

3:35 PM  
Blogger mrslinkous said...

Until the day that man's judgement becomes infallible we should leave that kind of judgement to God. If someone killed my family I would go to the judge and specifally request they not be given the death penalty. I'd be the only one with right to kill them. But I would leave it to God. Why should we trust a government that can't even reduce a deficit or get people out of a flood, or make sure everybody has enough eat, to choose who lives and who dies. Maybe it would be fine if we lived in a ideal society and only people who deserved it were executed. Maybe if th US hadn't executed 19 men between 1990 and 2003 who committed the crime before they were even 18. If 23 people later found innocent hadn't been executed this century. If black poeple didn't make up 42% of the death row population and only around 25% of the general population. If since 1977 80% of executions had not been in cases of people killing white people. While about the same number of white and black people have been victums of murder. And if rich people hadn't made up 0% of people executed. Maybe if we lived in LaLa Land and the world was a perfect place and humanity had the reputation of always doing the right thing and making the right decision. And if having the death penalty at all was obviously not a deterant. Maybe there would be less crime all together if we didn't make poor people and minorities want things we will never allow them the have. So maybe if white middle class america would pull there heads out of their rosey pink asses and do something about what is going on instead of ignoring it because it doesn't have anything to do with them until someone steals their stuff it would be a little different. So when a poor black uneducated 17 year old breaks into their house to steal their TV and they come up on him with a gun and he shoots them first well maybe then they will wish they had voted someone one into office (or voted at all)who wouldn't have cut spending in education and social services when this young man was in kindergarden and he and them may have had a chance. But of course now he'll fry and everyone in their subdivisions will all sleep a little sounder. So like you said we'll end the death penalty when rich white people start getting executed.

4:10 AM  

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