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Friday, December 2

people who fuck in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Have you muthafuckers been following all this shit in the news and Internet about the Penn State student who got himself into a peck of trouble because he took and distributed pictures of this couple having sex in the window of their dorm room? The fuckin collage wanted to charge the cat with sexual harassment plus violating the school's code of student conduct, and abusing the schools policy on acceptable uses of electronic resources.

The fuckin University alleges that by featuring the photo on his personal Penn web site, the photographer violated the school's code of student conduct, sexual harassment policy and policy on acceptable uses of electronic resources. I can’t believe the kid is getting all this flack over a set of pictures and you know why, because the people were fuckin in the window of the goddamned dorm. And when you have sex wither it be a blowjob or uncle Jeb’s stink finger, or doing an inverted piledriver in the fuckin window for the world to see, you gets nothing to bitch about if you get caught.

Oh this is rich, the school is claiming this caused one of the pictured students "serious distress" and created "an intimidating living environment for her. And that bitch has retained a lawyer who’s saying "My client is emotionally shattered from this extremely disturbing ordeal. The intense focus on this matter into my client's identity and image has imposed exceptional emotional and psychological harm.”

I swear, stupid shit like this is enough to make me get my stutter on, and why you might ask, because they chose to fuck in a very public manner. Just look at the stinkin picture. I mean goddamn, when I travel I love mashing my junk up against the window for kicks cause it make me feel powerful and manly. And I’ll explain way at a later date but I’m fully aware that I’m doing it in view of the public and I’m also aware of the shit storm that will befall me if I get caught.

So fuck the school for coming down on the kid for doing something that anyone with a camera would do. And apparently it seems that lawyers all over the country are calling bullshit on the school for making a big deal out of it cause as far as they see shit, it was done in full view of the public which makes it part of the public domain.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, it's not surprising that kids are not doing well in school. Apparently it doesn't take much to teach in a school or run a school. Just look at the dumb shits that run them.

The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university in Philadelphia, doing the dumb shit stuff you're writing about. The dumb shit Kansas University religion professor, who is making a big name for himself over in Lawrence. He will forever be known as "The Idiot Who Won the War for Intelligent Design". What a classic fuck-up. Maybe he was trying to get on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

And did you read about the kid who took down a camera in the boys bathroom at school, and took it home to his mother? When Mom complained to the school, the principal said he was going to reinstall the camera and suspend the kid. Another classic dumb shit.

It seems like our schools are filled with idiots. And I'm not talking about the students. K Sose

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