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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: weekend fu

Monday, April 3

weekend fu

Just thought I’d lay down a few notes from the weekend. First off a personal observation, I find it kind of refreshing walking out of a building and coming face to face with an old grizzled cat sporting a cane and POW tags on his car.
Cause I realize that the best thing I can do for him is to get out of his way cause he doesn’t give a fuck because he’s been there done that. I mean here’s a cat that’s been thru shit that most of us can’t comprehend so I’m digging it simply because he gave me the nod as I held the door open for him.

I’m also such a fuckin geek. I got my very first cell phone late last week and I’m digging the fuck out of it, but here’s the deal. I’m not laying down fifty or sixty bucks for the software package that I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay for. So I spent a crazy amount of time in front of my computer visiting various forums and shit looking for software hacks for the muthafucker.

I also paid a visit to the computer store for a faster USB card so my phone can charge off of my computer via a USB cable. I broke a lot of brain cells this weekend trying to hack the phone and I’ll probably damage a few more before it’s all over. Michelle said something to the effect that I’m such a guy and why am I doing this? Well, because I’m cheap and because I can is the best I can say.

Anyway, moving on, Rusty from “Planet Rusty” went to the Missouri Broadcast Educators Association conference this weekend and walked away with first place in the audio interview category. The interview was of him interviewing me over drinks in the Hurricane about my old bouncing days. Who knew muthafucker’s would find hearing my bullshit interesting?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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