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Wednesday, May 10

Axis of douchebaggery

Once again I’m struck with the dumbassery of muthafuckers and how they prioritize shit. Folks in New York who are in charge of this shit are all aquiver over the new numbers for the World trade Center Memorial at Ground Zero which just came in at just below one billion dollars.

The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, who is in charge of raising money for building and operating the memorial, says it will cost $672 million. Improvements to the infrastructure will add $300 million. Total tab: $972 million. From what I understand the money is being raised privately along with the state and city throwing in money. Personally I don’t see what the fuckin issue is cause as I see it, this falls under the “just build the muthafucker” clause.

The World trade Center Memorial needs to be built and I think if they haven’t already the fuckin federal government needs to pony up and commit to finish the funding because if for no other reason it’s the right thing to do. And just because, here’s a real short list of items the federal government has spent one billion dollars on as of late. Some of this might be a few years old but who’s really keeping count.

• U. S. military spending disposes of $1 billion in about 32 hours.

• One Trident submarine, which carries enough nuclear warheads to eliminate every major city in the USSR, costs $1.7 billion. We have nine of them and are aiming for a fleet of 20-25.

• $3 billion is what it will take to fix the technical problems of the 100 B-1 bombers the U.S. taxpayers have recently purchased (for $28 billion).

• And since we’re on the subject $2 billion is spent in one year of advertising by the U.S. tobacco industry.

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Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

Couldn't agree more!

Just build it and shut the fuck up.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Edward Winkler said...

I like that you don't sugarcoat things. You know that you dont scare me, right?


12:24 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

So now that you're close to 100,000 hits, do we get to have a party with cake and streamers when you do? Cause that would kick ass!!

1:25 PM  

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