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Tuesday, May 9

snatch & sniff

I see from reading the paper that the egghead guys that get paid to figure this kind of shit out have come to the conclusion that brains of lesbians and gay guys process hormones differently from so called straight or heterosexual people. So in short, what hormones or pheromones seem attractive to the brain of a gay guy isn’t attractive to the brain of a straight guy and whilst lesbians and straight men kind’a dig the same thing, meaning pussy. Lesbians ain’t about digging on the hormones wafting off a nutsac if you get my drift. It’s all about how each group reacts to various hormones and shit of that ilk.

I personally think muthafuckers ought to give it up, I mean trying to figure out the gay equation. Cause you know what’s going on here don’t you? Muthafuckers keep thinking that if they keep this shit up they’ll hit the mumbo-jumbo mother lode and think they’ll be able to change people back to whatever “they” think they need to be changed back too whatever the fuck that might be.

Now I’m gonna be truthful with you guys when I say that I’m a heterosexual male who loves women. But if I see a nice rack on a guy sporting the five o’clock shadow I’m gonna look cause a nice rack is a nice rack. Anyway, there have been gay people on this earth since prehistoric times. Some of the most talented people on this earth have been gay.

We’ve had gay heroes and heroines and gay people who have died protecting the American way of life. As a matter of fact the only issue I have with the gay thing is a fashion issue. Can I say cough, cough, plaid shirts and bad haircuts and hairy men in short shorts? I’m just saying and shit. Stop perpetrating the bad fashion stereotype.

Anyway, I’ve said it and I’ll say it again and again, with all the horrible shit going on in the world do we really care what makes a chick eat another chick’s pussy? Do we really give a fuck why some cat gets all brokeback mountain over another cat? Do we care if there are gay chipmunks or gay dogs or that there’s a species of gay cockroach running around the stinkin Amazon? I say fuck no and instead of spending all those resources on inane bullshit like that, direct those egghead resources toward a cure for Aids or cancer or keeping the price of fuckin gas down.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger satyavati said...

Send me an email and I'll tell you a story...

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Blogger Death said...

I can't find you mail address! so tell me anyway.

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Blogger satyavati said...

look on Yahoo!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool cool atlest its happy right?

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