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Thursday, June 8

corn eatin re....... well you know the rest

Last night at the Hurricane’s board room some of us got into a discussion about wither we liked Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new “famous bowl”. Now for those of you that are without TV or Vegans, the KFC famous bowl is a bowl filled with mashed potatoes, fried chicken chunks, whole corn, gravy, and shredded cheese all thrown together, hence the name famous bowl? I had the opportunity earlier this week to swing by one of my local KFC’s and decided to try one out.

So I got myself a couple cause I figured if I dug the first one I’d take the other one to work for lunch or save it for the next evening. After getting home and taking the bowls out of the bag I was impressed with how weighty the bowls were and the fact that I could reuse the bowls if needed. Now with it being a new thing, but not new thing, meaning that I’ve had mashed potatoes and gravy and corn before with my fried chicken, I knew what it should taste like. But it just looked odd all shoved into the bowl like it was, but nothing worse then sitting on the couch with all this shit in a plate all lumped together.

So after adding a little salt, pepper and hot sauce, I preceded to mix it all together. Why I don’t know but since it didn’t come with a manual it seemed the thing to do. To be truthful it didn’t taste bad at all once you got over the idea that you were shoveling what amounted to spoonfuls of chunky mush into your mouth. Now the shredded cheese was a bit odd and I couldn’t really understand what purpose it served in the mix unless it was their homage to Mac & Cheese but it seemed a bit much.

I will suggest that if you have a KFC famous bowl, make sure that shit’s hot cause the congealing factor could make it really gluey and shit. And after eating it I definitely felt like sitting still for a while or taking a good long shit. In conclusion if I didn’t have to leave the house after eating and could order it without the shredded cheese, I’d most likely try it again. And I will since I need to knock off the second bowl still sitting in my fridge.

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Blogger Bryan said...

Got it the other day and yes you can order it without cheese and we did and it was good!!!

8:31 AM  

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