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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: wedding day

Monday, June 19

wedding day

This weekend was kind’a different from me. Saturday afternoon I drove up to Weston, Missouri to officiate a wedding as a last minute thing that came about as a favor to a friend. The wedding happened next to this small lake at the home of the groom’s father who happened to be a very cool cat by the name of Jeff Lux. Who if you’re a fan of eighties rock might remember his name because his guitar work is featured on one of the most requested classic rock songs in the country, "Every Step of the Way" from the Steve Walsh album “Schemer-Dreamer”.

I came into the scene due to the fact the family was having trouble finding someone who would do a non-religious wedding and the groom’s sister who’s a close friend of mine suggested me. Because as some of you know, I am ordained by the Universal Life Church which makes me good to go in all these United States. This was also my first wedding due to me missing the initial one some years ago because of the MAN sticking his foot in my ass and deploying me to Washington on the day of the wedding.

But happily the MAN left me alone and I was able to get her done. It was a pretty laid back deal which is what everybody wanted. The whole thing was set up outdoors with the lake as a backdrop and this old pontoon boat made into a stage was the wedding altar. The ceremony was very short and the bride and groom said their own vows and everything seemed to go well.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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