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Monday, August 28


Somebody asked me the other day what was going on with my bike and trike kit. Well last I left off I had sent a letter to the offices of Voyager expressing my displeasure with how they did things. If you need a refresher go down a few posts until you see the posts referring to such. Anyway, a few days ago I actually got a call from some cat by the name of Charlie Monroe who I can only assume worked in management at Voyager.

Everything started off pleasant enough until this guy started playing tough guy. He told me that there was no way the company would ever reimburse me for my monetary loses which was fine cause you know me, I was just happy to be communicating with someone.

But then he tried to tell me that (1) the salesmen never actually told me they had the hardware. I referred him to the e-mail which stated so. (2) That it was my fault for not researching everything properly and jumping the gun. Again I referred him to the e-mail which stated all model numbers and such. (3) That my bike wasn’t in the best of shape. And where that came from and why he brought it up is still a mystery to me.

Finally he said that if I got the bike and kit up to their factory in Illinois they would make the hardware to fit it cause there was no way he was gonna try to find a 1989 Kawasaki cop bike to research. I should add that around the same time all this was going on I got an e-mail from the original salesman who apologized for his initial mistake and offered to meet me somewhere in Missouri and pick up the bike and kit.

I mentioned this to Charlie who went off into a bluster saying that the salesman had no business making an offer like that cause it was never gonna happen. At that point I told the cat that I’d have to think things over since moving the bike and kit almost five hundred miles wouldn’t be an easy thing for me to pull together.

A day or so later I sent them an e-mail stating that bringing the bike up wasn’t an option for me right now and that if they really wanted to be stand up guys, any Kawasaki cop bike they got hold of would do for research since the 1982 thru 2005 are all the same and share the same frame. So that’s where things stand for right now.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Nightmare said...

Let me know If I can Help!! I got people skills YO! I'm people who know people.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Nightmare, get your people together... Greg may need them.

7:24 PM  

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