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Wednesday, September 6

boring asides

I find it cool that the older I get the more Zen like moments I discover and its amazing how doing certain things seem to make me get my Buddhism on. Speed surfing on the TV is kind’a Zen like if you was to ask me.

Sitting on the couch flipping thru two-hundred or so cable channels is very soothing. That is until you get distracted and find yourself looking at some chick with the fuckin two-hundred pound tumor or the boy with no face and then a muthafucker can’t flip past it quick enough.

I also find porn on the internet very soothing. Something about looking at nekked women and their breasts just zones me out. Click, big breasts, click, small breasts, click, Asian, breasts, click, white breasts, click, black breasts, click….hey that’s a guy, nice breasts on him.

Now the other day I discovered something new that I found Zen like. I had gone maybe a month without doing laundry. As a matter of fact I actually ran to the store to purchase some more underwear just to avoid the task.

Anyway, I sitting at a table folding my underwear and I found doing so to be very soothing and mindless. I had this rhythm thing going where I’d pull a pair out of the basket and after pulling em right side out, I’d fold em twice and after smoothing em out, I’d gently sit em on the table. Pull, fold, smooth, sit. Pull, fold, smooth, sit. Very cool until you catch some asshole staring.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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