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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: bad case of the do-nothings

Tuesday, October 10

bad case of the do-nothings

This weekend was more or less a laid back affair. Saturday was spent recuperating from a week where if I didn’t know better I swear the Man had it in for me. I was so on all day Friday that after work I went and had some drinks with an old friend and had to bail on her cause the lights kept going out.

So Saturday I didn’t do shit but get imitate with my couch. And speaking of couches, before all that I went over to Michelle’s to check out this couch she wanted me to have. Actually since she’s over all the time I think she just wanted a better couch to sit on then the current one, but it’s a nice couch and I’m gonna take it. After that I headed home and watched movies on the TV for a while.

• The Pacifier, staring Vin Diesel. This was a cute little movie featuring Vin as a Navy Seal assigned as a bodyguard for a bunch of kids. Vin’s an alright actor as long as he knows his role which is being a wanna be tough guy meat sac. Anything other then that he needs to get back on his knees looking over his shoulder.

• Mr. Baseball, starring Tom Selleck. This is one of those movies that I’ve always avoided but since the remote fell on the floor I was stuck watching it. Tom’s always been one of my favorite actors as long as he knows his role which is Westerns. Mr. Baseball which is the story of an ageing baseball player being sent to Japan to play ball. Lots of baseball and clashing of wills and all that good shit plus a totally innocent bathtub scene that intentional or not, turned out to be very erotic.

• X-Men 3. You know, I enjoyed this for what it is, which is an excuse to eat popcorn. But when you have a movie franchise like the X-Men, and you kill off a shitload of major characters in the third movie? I might be thinking you jumped the shark and shit.

• Zombie fuckers. Even though the sight of zombies scares the fuck out of me I’ve always held a suspicion that if they were fuckin I wouldn’t find it so bad. And who would’a guessed, a bunch of zombies getting fucked three ways to Sunday didn’t bother me a bit. As a matter of fact I found it relaxing enough to rub a couple out too.

• Too fast, to furious..three. Again another franchise movie that’s good for a bag of popcorn or two as long as you watch it for what it is. A movie about stupidly good looking people in stupid situations featuring cool cars as the real stars of the movie. Plus it had a shitload of hot Japanese chicks in it and who wouldn’t dig that.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know the feeling, had my old buddy(my dog), Larry, die on Friday, so I did what you did, only drunk.

I kinda remember a few that I watched. Finally got to see Rob Roy, very good. Also Missing was good. Hadn't seen High Noon in a long time, love that credit music song.

There were others I'm sure.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Greg Beck said...

I'm real sorry to hear about Larry. Cat left me almost 7 years ago I think? and I still can't bring myself to replace him. So I think I fully understand how you feel.

6:44 PM  
Blogger PGP said...

Cats are the most aggrivating animals.
I had one die of old age on me about 4 years ago. I thought I would be free of the responsibility of feeding and cleaning up shit after a pet..once and for all!
BUT...Noooo...the old lady( lovely wife ) got the bug while I was away on a business trip.
I came home to find a fat little hairball standing on my landing staring at me like I was some kind of alien. Well I guess the critter decided that I was worth sucking up to because she followed me around nonstop until the family got home later in the day.
Ever since, I get a face full of pussy anytime I try to lay down and watch a movie or nap a little.
It's just got to be a survival instinct with this cat because I don't feel the need to to put an end to anything that works so hard at being friendly. TV movies for me..Turkey and severe over indulgence was on cause it was Thanksgiving here in Canada.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous MarieP said...

MM- Sorry about Larry. When my Pyr died (bone cancer) I only lasted 3 days before I went out & got another dog (Great Dane this time). It's the only way I have found so far that helps me deal with the loss. God only knows what I will do if my husband goes before I do.

PGP-I haven't been home (Temiscaming, Quebec)for Thanksgiving in years. Usually go in the summer. Just had an email from home late last night that my brother in law shot a 6 year old moose, the horns had a 40" spread. So Martin is very thankful this year.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you evryone. My studio just ain't the same without my pal hanging with me.

mariep-I raised Larry's mom, Betty, and bred her and watched Larry being born. I used to raise German Shepherds and still have 3, but Larry was my last male and my bud. Plus one GD sassy Scarlet

Gotta get back on that horse Greg.

5:43 PM  

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