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Saturday, October 21

from the archives..............short bus blues

I’m on the bus this morning on the way to work and sitting two seats in front of me was this young cat that apparently had Down’s syndrome. He was sporting this black baseball cap with these cool assed bat ears sticking out the side. I could tell he was real proud of it cause he couldn’t stop fucking with it because he was constantly taking it off and shaping the bill and creasing the ears and shit like that.

Now in front of the bus sat this other cat with Down’s syndrome but who seemed a bit older. The older cat after a while turned around and full on stared at the younger cat wearing the Batman cap.

When he’s sure he’s got the eye contact he raises one finger and points toward the sky, then he gives a slight nod. Batman grabs up all his shit and moves to the front of the bus and sits across from the older cat.

They sit there staring at each other not saying a fucking word but I swear to God they’re communicating. It’s so clear that that’s what they’re doing that I could almost imagine the words. After a minute or so the sensation stops and they both nod at each other and go back to their individual shit. I’m just saying it was the oddest shit.

When we get to my stop this other cat with Down’s syndrome hops on the bus, but by now I’m so fuckin intrigued with what’s happening that I decided to ride to the next stop to see what goes on next.

Now this cat is acting different from the first two. Where they were totally quite, this cat is all talky and shit, saying hi to every muthafucker in sight and uber hyper. He pays no attention to the other two and goes and sits down.

And again like before the first two make eye contact and a minute later they both nod and break it off. And again I could swear that they pulled a judgment on the cat that just got on and were dissing him as uncool for being a talky freak. Call me crazy but that’s what I felt. It was just a very cool deal to watch is all I’m saying.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Jay said...

Well, I'd like to call you crazy, but I hardly know you.
So I'll just call you Carl, okay?

5:23 AM  
Blogger mist1 said...

Okay, Short Bus is the name of a movie. It has nothing to do with retards or busses. I read the whole post expecting something about wild retard orgies.

9:25 AM  

May I say how very much I enjoy your blog? If you were in The England, I would ask you for a beer, and ask you to tell me stories.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Brain Bomb said...

Damn, that's a unique experience. I'd have liked to listen to their minds at that moment.

8:50 PM  
Blogger love bites said...

Your posts totally suck me in. I've always wondered how animals and small children communicate without words, almost as if there's something there that we lose when our vocal faculties start to develop.

I've watched plenty of non-conversations occur between my cats/dog. They know what's happening, but the humans are clueless.

8:25 AM  

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