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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: Mid-Town Saturday night

Monday, November 27

Mid-Town Saturday night

So in honor of the past holiday I think I’ll act like a normal blogger and instead of bagging on muthafuckers or bitching about shit, I’ll just chat a bit about my weekend. This might go long so you might wanna get a coke.

Saturday I was gonna meet my brother who was in town for Thanksgiving at the Record Bar here in Westport. Normally every year we would meet up at the Hurricane but I’m still not quite down with the new version of the place and I think I’ve figured out why.

To me the sign of a good bar is its hangoutability and the New Hurricane just doesn’t have that yet. The folks there are friendly enough but the place doesn’t have its soul yet and it just feels real sterile, so for the time being I’ll go there and see some shows but that’s about it.

I got to the Record Bar a couple of hours early so I could chat at my pal Sonya who was behind the bar and grab something to eat. They serve up a hummus with hot toasted pita bread that fuckin rocks. Sonya noted that the last few times I’ve shown up I’ve had the same dish and she wanted to know if it made me feel manlier. Of course I informed her that by definition anything I do is manly.

On the bar TV the Sundance Channel was playing and we become stupidly involved in this movie called “Assisted Living”. It was this really fucked up film about this stoner who worked in a nursing home who befriends an old woman with Alzheimer’s.

I noted to anyone who wanted to listen that this was one of those movies that I would never watch on my own but with a few people it wasn’t bad plus it had a happy ending. That is if you can call a movie about a woman living in a nursing home who develops Alzheimer’s and whose only friend is the stoner employee who she thinks is her son, having a fuckin happy ending.

Then that was followed by this English film called “Six Shooter”. All I can say is that the movie involved dead wives, dead babies, a crazy chatty killer, a couple of grieving husbands, a rabbit that takes a bullet to the head and a cow blowing up and shit from too much gas. Since I never quite understand British humor I couldn’t tell you if it was a comedy or not but I enjoyed it.

Later that evening I spotted Michelle coming thru the door followed by my brother. Soon we were joined some other folks including Krista and this Alana who is this super hot MILF I met on Myspace. Yeah that’s how I roll, meeting the chicks on myspace. Well not really but I met this one.

Now Michelle and Alana had talked online before but this was their first time meeting in person and all I can say is that when they hugged, scenes from the old Pam Grier movie “Black Mama, White Mama” or any scene from any Russ Meyer movie jumped into my head. That shit got so good that I wanted em to hug again and again and again but they weren’t having none of my horn-dog bullshit.

I think my brother had a nice time due to him being entertained that night by all the women that hung out. Michelle who just by being who she is, is worth the price of admission., Krista who never stopped talking and also kept insisting on showing us all her back tattoo and butt crack.

Alana from myspace who kept me very very entertained and everybody else that wondered back to our little corner of the bar including the too hot to look at in the bright light of day, Cheryl. Good food, odd movies, booze a-flowin, beautiful women and freak flags a-flyin, what more does a grown man need?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Spyder said...

The Record Bar does have good food. I've had the roasted red peppers hummus. I would do it again. I'm partial to their pizza. I do a roasted red peppers (I'm seeing pattern here), mozzerela, provolone, & smoked gouda with red sauce. That's what I had last Wednesday there. Hubby enjoyed the fish & chips. The music on Wednesday night was rocking, Bob Walkenhorst, formerly of the Rainmakers. Bob's voice has gotten even better with age. I get great service from Heather & Chandra.

8:05 PM  
Blogger wellhellmichelle said...

So you want Alana and me to hug and hug again. Shit, we can do that!

9:26 AM  

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