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Tuesday, December 12

good deeds done dirt cheap

This year for Christmas I’m doing something different. I got this friend I’ve known for maybe ten years who has two small kids. Back when I first met her she was free and single but met this cat who she feel in love with and got herself married and followed him to another state and had two kids by him.

Every year I’d hear from her and so we kept in touch. Just in the past year she’s moved back to town with the family to see if things could go easier for them here. But once here her husband got to fuckin around and shit got so bad that she had felt divorce was the only way out.

Once that was said the husband caught the fastest thing to the West coast, leaving her high and dry with two small kids and a shitload of unpaid bills and no support. So what’s going to happen is that I, along with Michelle, my mother and sister and maybe a few other friends are going to make sure her and her kids have a decent Christmas.

Like for example her asshole ex-husband was supposed to get the three-year-old a giant Superman dolls but since that’s not happening me and Michelle are stepping up to the plate. But last night after searching the net and having Michelle do a drive-by to the local den of mouth-breathers, Wal-Mart, none were to be found.

So we got hold of the world’s best expert on shit of that ilk, which happens to be Rusty over at Planet Rusty. Who told us that the giant doll was produced in limited numbers for the opening of the Superman movie this past summer so no store would have it. Which meant that the only source left for the big stupid doll was EBay where I found assloads of em.

So Michelle hit up Ebay and scored one giant thirty inch Superman with movable legs and arms and shit. If that don’t make a three-year-old spit milk and pinch his wee wee I don’t know what will. So with Michelle plus my mother and sister pitching in I think we just might make the little snapperhead’s day and give all three a nice Christmas.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

You're a good man Greg. I don't care what emawkc says. You're alright.

5:31 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

Blogger sucks. I've been trying to tell you for two days now that this proves you're just as sweet as I always knew you were.

5:53 PM  

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