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Tuesday, May 15

from the men

I had it in me this weekend to go out and hear some live music, so where else to go but the Hurricane.

I got there Friday after work and who did I see sitting at the bar with his bandmates knocking back the Bloody Mary’s?

None other then Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze fame, he was playing later that night with his band the Fluffers. I sat down next to my pal Sara and did my damndest to be cool since what I really wanted to do was go over and say hi.

Back in the day I was a huge fan of the band Squeeze and was just besides myself having the lead singer sitting just a few bar stools from me. But I stayed next to Sara and left the guy alone.

Sitting across the bar at a table were these two serious MILF/GILF types who caught my attention because when I came in they gave me a hard look like they knew me.

Later on I found myself talking to the both of them and found out that they recognized me from the old LoneStar which was the metal club I used to bounce at years ago.

They also told me that they had pictures of me posing with the both of them?

Actually I get that more then you’d think, for some reason back in the day women seemed to enjoy taking pictures with me, go figure. I guess it kind’a evens out all the hundreds of pictures I took of them.

I couldn’t help but notice that all the people sitting with Glen were English which became highly apparent when one of em announced that it was time for another fag.

Now me knowing some shit like I do knew that he meant he was gonna lit up another cigarette, but I guess he got some confused looks from the people in the bar and felt that he had to explain himself.

Anyway, even though I was so tired from doing for the MAN that my eyes were burning I settled in for the long run because not only did I want to see Glen Tilbrook and the Fluffers but an old friend was opening up for them that night, Bob Walkenhorst.

Bob is a Kansas City native who fronted the local band the Rainmakers, who hit it big back in the eighties and who were all over MTV and Rolling Stone back then.

Besides their music, one of my best Rainmaker memories is when I was doing the music store gig and the entire band came in fresh from an overseas tour and told me how they happened to be in Berlin when the wall came down.

It was just the coolest shit to see the excitement in their faces and knowing that cats I personally knew were witness to something that changed the world. Oh, and it goes without saying that the music was great Friday night.

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Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

Holy Fuck! I love Squeeze! You da MAN! Well, I know you're The Man, but I meant, Da Man.

You know what I mean!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Spyder said...

I love Bob Walkenhorst!

10:31 PM  
Blogger Happy In Bag said...

Up the junction...

8:03 PM  

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