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Thursday, July 5

Curse di silenzio

So for the fourth I went up north to see an old friend who I hadn’t seen in some years.

It was cool seeing her after all this time. I’ve known her since her kids were just old enough to walk and now they’re all in their mid to late twenties.

I was a little nervous about going over there because it’s been at least ten years since I’ve seen the kids and almost as long for her and I wasn’t sure that I’d recognize anyone, especially her daughter, Jean.

See, me and Jean always had a special relationship. When she was maybe four years old I pranked her and she didn’t like it because I scared her.

No sir, Jean didn’t like it one bit. So for the next ten years until she was fourteen which was the last time I saw her, she never spoke to me or spoke a word around me.

It was a very adult decision for such a little girl because I never heard her speak one fuckin word. If we were all together she wouldn’t speak a word. If I called the house and I heard Jean talking in the background, as soon as she found out that it was me on the phone, she’d stop talking.

At first everyone thought it was cute but after a couple of years we were just amazed at how long she could hold out. But you know the oddest thing? Besides from the not talking thing, she actually liked me a lot and would always ask her mother how or what I was doing and shit.

Like that one year I was stuck at home with a bum knee and her mother called me and told me that Jean wanted me to come stay with them until I felt better.

So yesterday I got to see everyone once again. All the boys are doing good while the oldest is married with a small baby girl who was just fascinated by me.

But the cool moment came when this beautiful young woman walked up and gave me the brightest smile and told me how good it was to see me after all these years. It was Jean and it was so great to hear her voice.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Bryan. said...

It's always nice reconnecting with old friends. I couldn't believe how many people I'd lost touch with when I joined MySpace a couple of years ago...lots of blasts from the past...glad you had a good Fourth. I went and saw Transformers while the fireworks were shooting off...nice and SLOW at the theatre...and btw the movie? FUCKING AWESOME.

9:49 AM  

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