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Monday, July 2

pick your battles

Last night on the TV something came on that brought back fond memories and a smile to my face.

A group of female protesters bum rushed the office of this logging company and chained themselves to a large sculpture in the main lobby. I’m guessing they had a beef with the local logging industry.

The cops were called and after informing the women that they were on private property, the police asked them to leave.

Now here’s where things got confusing. Confusing in that the women protesters thought they knew more about the law and the power of the police then the fuckin police did. Meaning that when asked to leave, not only did they tell the police no, but hell no and you can’t make us.

Yeah, that dog don’t hunt.

So in slow very clear language the cops laid out to the women what would happen next.

That being if they didn’t unlatch themselves from the sculpture and leave they would get maced and hauled off to de slammer.

And of course the women told the cops no and that they were staying and expect a lawsuit because they, meaning the cops had no right to mace anyone and if they did it would amount to torture of an American citizen.

I love watching people tell cops what they can or can’t do. You know what happens when you do that? You instantly jump on the cops bad side.

The cops asked them one more time to unlatch themselves and leave or here comes the pain.

Once again the women told em they no right and before they could finish the sentence the cops maced them. It was the most polite application of mace I’ve ever seen.

The cops actually poured mace into a Dixie cup and applied to the women’s eyes using cotton swabs.

Three of the women broke speed records unlatching themselves but one chick decided to hold out for the gold. She got an extra special helping of mace because the cops then sprayed her like she was on crack.

I guess the moral of this story is know when to pick your stupid battles. Because when you tell a cop he can’t, he will.

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