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Wednesday, July 25

wok me daddy

I don’t know wither it’s because I’m older or what the fuckin deal is, but shit’s really starting to worry me.

Take for example last night after work. Since I hadn’t had any in a long while I thought I’d pick up a little Chinese on the way home.

Oh, and on a quick aside since I’m on the subject, I was at my favorite Laundromat this weekend.

It’s owned by this really nice Asian family and they all take turns working the place and this particular morning it was the grandfather’s turn to watch the shop.

So during the course of doing my wash I decided to head outside to take a smoke break where the old man followed me.

His English isn’t very good but he kept pointing at the large Kanji symbol tattooed on my shoulder. “You know what means, you know what means?”

That’s when I asked him what do you think it means? He then pantomimed a person being killed or dying whilst saying “gone, dead, no more”.

I just thought it was kind’a cool and justified all the time I put into researching my tattoo. Anyway, back to what I was talking about.

So I stop at this Chinese restaurant to order some take-out, and I couldn’t help but notice how insanely fuckin cute the little Asian chick behind the counter was.

I’m looking down at her imaging how much better she’d look straddling my face when everything screeched to an abrupt halt because I just noticed the giant woks behind her.

Yeah directly behind the counter sat the kitchen which held this giant assed stove thingie with these giant gas fired woks. Fuck the hot Asian chick; this was the coolest shit I’d seen all day.

These woks were huge, old looking and they sat on these big metal bowl/ring things that emitted a huge flame that looked like it belonged on the end of somebody’s jet plane.

In one wok the cat had vegetables going and into the other he poured a little sauce then joined everything together. By that time all the hot chick could do for me was move to the right so I could see everything better.

The cook then poured everything into a bowl then dumped water into the woks which instantly steamed up, cleaning the woks. Am I easily impressed or what?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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That picture really, really messed me up.

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