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Wednesday, August 1

I'm so pretty, so so pretty

Inspired by some of the local bloggers here in town I was going to make a serious attempt to write something deep, meaningful and profound.

But after sleepless hours lying in bed, mulling over the same question again and again; “why are my balls so wrinkled”? I came up with nothing.

So anyway after dealing with that all night any desire I had of writing something deep just ran the fuck out the window, which brings me to the story of the day.

Over in Tennessee, this cat got himself into what sounds like a heap of trouble due to his drinking.

Yeah, this cat who’s employed by a Christian radio station and who also make his dime as a local pastor of his own church found himself charged with indecent exposure as well as a DUI and violation of the open container law.

According to the police, this cat allegedly pulled up to some cops in his car and offered to give the men in blue free blowjobs all around when they showed up to check out a report of indecent exposure near this carwash.

The pastor who by all reports was drunk and wearing a very fashionable skirt then got out of his car, stepped over to a carwash bay and proceeded to piss all over the wall in clear view of some kids who happened to be in the area.

During all this he also admitted to the cops that he was drunk, and then proved it by failing all the sobriety tests.

The owner of the radio station along with his church are asking everyone to keep an open mind and withhold all judgment until all the facts of the story are laid out.

Sounds like to me that the facts are that someone got drunk and their freak flag got the fuck unfurled.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Why is it that it seems the most devout are the most freakish?

8:27 PM  

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