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Wednesday, August 1


I was over visiting my mother before work this morning and she told me a great story that needs to be shared.

My mother lives just inside the entrance to Swope Park and just a block from the Kansas City Zoo.

Across the street from her house sits Starlight Theater and between her house and the Theater is this huge expanse of park ground. If you happen to go by on a Sunday, you can sit on her front porch and bide your time watching the local Black horse club ride their horses up and down the park.

Or if you tire of that you can catch any of the weekly shows at Starlight from the comfort of her front porch. Or once things quiet down you can listen to the lions and other animals at the zoo doing their thing.

It was a very cool place to be raised as a kid and an even cooler place to live.

So I’m leaning against the railing listening to my mother talk, when I noticed that the giant mowers were out in the park cutting the grass. That’s when she pointed out this narrow strip of cut grass that ran off in the distance for maybe a half mile or so.

She told me it was made by a single man and his push mower.

He shows up maybe once a week and commences to cutting a strip of grass the width of a regular lawnmower but nearly a mile long. And according to her, he does it while singing to the lord at the top of his lungs.

He doesn’t talk to anybody or bothers anyone; he just cuts his strip of park, whilst singing the gospel. And it brings forth the question.

What type of bad does a person do in life where he thinks god said go ye forth and cut the grass?

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Nightmare said...

Sounds to me like my Mom may be the Lord.

She was always telling my fat ass to go cut the fucking grass.

7:39 AM  
Blogger PGP said...

Anytime I need to relax a bit and unwind from the things that crank my sphincter too much ... I visit your place to get some sense of every time!
Thanks for the grinz.....

2:42 PM  
Blogger Spyder said...

Make a joyful noise! That what he's doing.

9:33 PM  

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