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Tuesday, March 16

This isn't what i planned on writing about. really

For some reason when I got off work yesterday I was in one of my “don’t give a fuck moods”. But I stopped by the Hurricane anyway to do some coffee and see what was up with Mito. When I walked in the place was slightly chaotic, toward the stage side of the bar folks were setting up and bands were loading in the door. Back at the bar side sat the crew from the tattoo shop across the street. I sat down and Mito poured me a cup of coffee. I didn’t really want to talk to anybody, just sit there drink my coffee, and look at Mito. The Church was playing that night and everybody was expecting a huge crowd for the show. Half of me wanted to hang out, and the other half just wanted to go home and sit in the dark, but then I realized that my pal Steve Tulipana was playing that night also. He had put together this Joy Division tribute band called Unknown Pleasures and they were the first band on the bill. They’d been playing for some time now and I hadn’t yet heard em, and now that they were playing at the Hurricane I really needed to see them do their thing. I was still in a real odd mood and for some reason I couldn’t find my center, so as a result I still wasn’t clear if I wanted to stay or go. When I feel like that I always feel like I’m coming off as very standoffish and shit. I’m not, well not anymore then usual I think. It’s just that when I’m off the bubble it’s very uncomfortable for me. But after a while I settled down and decided to at least stay for Steve’s band. After a while the door opened and the crowd started rolling in. By that time Mito had gotten off of work and had taken the seat next to me. Mito’s really really in to certain bands and she was ramped to see the Church. Definitely more then me since I couldn’t remember if I liked they’re shit or not. So due to that and the fact that it was a school night, I decided to keep my shit wrapped pretty tight. I’m sitting there and some chick that said she knew me from the old LoneStar came by and put her lips all over me, then a few minutes later some other chick came by and did the same thing. Michelle showed up to hang out for a while. Funny thing, this guy who reads the site came by to say hello. Right off the bat, just from what he reads, he knew who Michelle and Mito were. Do you think that’s a bad thing, should I stop mentioning those two so much? Way back I got both their permission’s to mention em on the site. And the cat from last night was very nice, but I sometimes wonder about shit like that cause it happens from time to time.
But I did see a very pleasant surprise. This woman appeared at my side and said hello, and after looking hard I recognized her as my old friend Julie who I bet I haven’t seen in over fifteen years. Have you ever known someone who seems so pure that in his or her presence you just want to be good? I mean like fuckin Cub Scout, helping old ladies across the street kind of good. Back in the day she had that effect on me. Hell, I even refused to cuss when she was around. And you wanna know what? Back in the day I used to rent all my adult movies from Pennylane Records here in town, and she used to work there as a clerk. So there I am picking out some good eighty’s porn and after making my selection I head over to the counter to get em rung up. And guess who was at the counter? Julie. She looked at me with those huge eyes and picked up my porn and threw me the brightest smile ever. “Hi Greg, you got everything you need”? I have never felt so dirty in my entire life. I am such a dirty dirty boy.


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