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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>and no, I haven't seen it yet</strong>

Friday, February 27

and no, I haven't seen it yet

The Passion of the Christ is sure stirring up it share of interesting shit isn’t it? I haven’t seen it and I’m not sure if I really want too or not. I’ve pretty much done a good job most of my life staying away from all the so call bible movies. It’s not that I don’t dig the content and shit, but it’s just that this huge voice in my head keeps screaming, “boring, boring” at the top of it’s lungs. And it always gets me how when a person puts out a movie like that, the first thing that happens is someone starts busting their fucking chops on how “inaccurate” the movie is. Oh yeah, like if ever there was a book open for dead-on accurate representation, it’s the fuckin bible. Plus there’s that bright-eyed fervor thing you always end up dealing with after these kind of movies come out. You know what I mean, you’re walkin around the next day scratching your ass and all of a sudden there’s Trey the Christian all up in your shit.
“Did you see it? It changed my life and it’ll change yours”.
“What part of the movie changed your life”?
“Finding out that Jesus’s death was so violent for one thing”.
“What, you thought it was actually like on the back of your hymn book, all gentle and sunny and flaxen hair and shit”?
“Well yeah”.
But far be it for me to belittle the true believers, it’s their party and I’m just some cat on the back porch sipping a beer wondering whose house this is.


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