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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>crazy vein</strong>

Tuesday, May 4

crazy vein

As we sometimes do, Michelle and I sit down and spend great lengths discussing what troubles us. Our latest discussion had to do with the crazy forehead vein that some women display. You know that vein that runs down the center of some women's forehead that the more angry or excited they get, the more prominent it gets. I call it the crazy vein cause most of the women that have it are, or can get seriously off their bubble. Not that crazy vein women are bad or anything like that, it's just something a cat needs to watch out for. Cause when that muthafucker pops out and starts throbbing, shit's usually about to break loose. As a matter of fact it's almost an unconscious thing that when I look at a woman, and before I scout the rack, I'm checking for the crazy vein. (no, not fuckin really)I keep checking Michelle but so far she hasn't shown any signs of it. But I've even got her to the point where she's constantly checking like I do. My baby sister has it and I've seen her come unscrewed on more then one occasion. But like I said, just because a chick has the crazy vein doesn't make em bad or a flake. To be truthful, crazy vein women are usually the life of the party. Kind'a like putting a cat in a paper sack, then shaking the fuck out'a the sack until the little fur footed fucker gets so angry there's kitty piss flinging everywhere. Then you kick the door open and throw that muthafucker into the room. Kind'a like that. Yeah. says, "and the monkey flipped the switch"


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