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Friday, January 16

It?s all relative

Once again its Friday and time to sweat the small stuff. Well I'm well into my second week of not smoking. I guess I'm dealing with it ok, I've had one or two here and there, but for the most part I've been going without. So I would have to say that the Wellbutrin is doing its job. I haven't drank much either, Wellbutrin makes Whiskey taste like shit, so that's kind'a taken the fun out of that. I've upped my morning walk to almost a mile. I timed myself this morning, and from starting point to the bus stop took almost twenty minutes. So it goes without sayin that I'm pretty pleased with myself. But of course yesterday I was at the Hurricane having coffee and talkin to Mito when this friend of mine chirped up and said something about how anybody can walk a mile downhill, why don't I walk it uphill. I sat there and digested what he said and after thinking it over I turned around and told him to go fuck himself. The nerve of some people, it's never fuckin enough, it's always more, more, more. Muthafucker's start sounding like a fuckin broken record and shit. Fuck em.

Movin on.

And what about that Mar's Rover huh? Wouldn't it be a muthafucker if pictures came back showing footprints in the soil? Just think of all the shit that would start? FOOTPRINTS FOUND ON MARS!! Not only would the scientific community go into a tizzy, but think of the general turmoil in the religious sector. Since most of the great religions are based on the premise that God created Man in his own image, finding life on a distant planet would be the proof that we're not alone, and that we're not God's chosen favorites. Do the Martians have a soul? Do the Martians believe in a higher power? Religious leaders would be clamoring for the right to have their religions represented on Mars. "It is our responsibility to save the heathen Martians from themselves", they would say. There would be great debate in halls all over earth on what to do about the Martian problem. A whole new class of bigot would form, the super bigot. "Goddammit, I don't want no dirty Martians living in my neighborhood"! Nations that have been at war with each other for centuries would bond together in a common hatred of the unseen Martians. Van Damm, Arnold, and Rocky would all make movies featuring a new common enemy, the hated Martians. The Pope would speak to millions from the Vatican in Rome; "we must not hate our Martian brothers". Black folk all over would breath a sigh of relief; cause there's a new Nigger in town, bigger and blacker then any Mandingo ever imagined by the White Man. Headlines across the world would scream; "WOULD YOU LET YOUR DAUGHTER MARRY ONE"!? Bush would call a war council declaring that as the world's self-appointed leader in all shit that matters, it's up to the United States to deal with the Martian problem! And with the stroke of a pen Bush unleashes the Great War Machine upon the red craggy Martian rocks. "We must attack before the Martian Hoard has time to invade earth"!
Hmmm, all this drama over footprints in the sand, poor Martians never stood a chance. Did they?


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