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Tuesday, March 30

Greedy cocksuckers

This has been fucking with me for some time now, so let me see if I can rationalize it. This might seem fuzzy so pay some fuckin attention. It seems to me that the main purpose in one’s life is to make one’s life a happy one. And that’s what most of us strive for, to make our life’s happy. And hopefully during all this striving to make one’s life happy, we don’t fuck over some poor slob in the process. Cause you know, to be truthful and shit, what’s the fuckin good of it all to have all you want if you had to step on someone else to do so? Do you feel me on this? Or am I the only person I know that thinks this way? What made me think about all this was Sunday when I was out doing my laundry. My habit is to go up on 39th street here in midtown near the state line and do wash on every Sunday. Once there I put my dirty shit in the wash then I step outside and take a seat on this bench on the corner. Well I’m sitting there Sunday and it hit me that what used to be thriving storefronts across the street are now gone. The Korean restaurant, the coffee shop and the yuppie market were all gone. Then here in Westport, just in line of sight outside the Hurricane, the carpet shop across the street is gone. Up the block the backpack outfitters are gone and if I wanted to walk down the block and get a bagel dog, I couldn’t, cause it’s closed down too. Now to be fair it could all be from ownership having a bad case of the stupids. But when I look down the street here in Westport I see on the corner a fuckin Starbucks, parked a door up from the local coffee shop that’s been around for years. Then I go back up 39th street, and a few doors from the coffee shop that shut its doors is another fuckin Starbucks. It’s like some kind of goddamn commotion I tell you. The property owners are approached by Starbucks to put a store in. The only problem is that the only open space is scant feet from the preexisting local coffee shop. The coffee shop that’s been a loyal rent paying member of the local community for years. The local coffee shop that’s run hand to mouth by muthafucker’s who’ve put all they’ve got into making it work. But instead of taking all that into mind, and the fact that the area is a haven for local flavor, the property owner decided to lease to Starbucks. And with that the ugly cycle begins. Now instead of a local business displaying a local flavor, you got big ole Starbucks squatting there sucking up all the fucking air. And of course now that Starbucks is there raising property values something stupid, the property owner decides he needs to increase everyone’s rent. Now where a small business was operating with a monetary cushion, the cushion starts shrinking and shrinking until it’s fuckin gone, and one day you decide to drop in for a cup of coffee or a backpack or a nice dinner and everything’s boarded up. Just because some property owner decided to think with his wallet instead of his heart and sold out to the Man. What stinkin assed Sam Walton started has turned into a way of business life. Fuck the little man, put your giant assed chain store next door and run the poor muthafucker into the ground. Greedy cocksuckers.


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