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Friday, April 9

new crap

I guess it goes without saying that you've all noticed a big change to the blogsite. I've learned how to code in pictures and have been adding em to almost every post I do. People that I give a shit about tell me that it doesn't distract from the content and makes the site pop a little bit better. And it goes without saying that since I realize that most of you hit my blogsite from your jobs and schools and shit, I will always refrain from putting up the overly rampant nudity. And if I do it will be as a link, so that none of your time killin asses get busted. But it also goes without saying that I realize some of you might have slower computers and some of you might even be carrying those new fangled PDA's or cell phones with web access and shit. So for you all I've installed something called an Atom Feed, but of course it won't say Atom Feed cause I fucked that part of it up. But if you look directly below my links you see something called "site feed", and if you click on that and add it to your favorites, it'll let you bring up a version of my site that's "text" only. Pretty muthafuckin cool huh? Oh, and whilst you muthafucker's are hanging out and digging thru my head and shit, please take the time out to sign my fuckin guest book. I mean like goddamn, would it fuckin kill ya? Go on now, go, I fuckin mean it.


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