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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>a full moon does it everytime! </strong>

Monday, April 5

a full moon does it everytime!

Not a bad weekend if I can say so. Friday was kind’a slow though, Mito and I were supposed to go to the release party for the newest issue of DanderCroft magazine. But she came down with this really crappy fucked up flu-like virus and stayed in bed all weekend. So it goes without sayin that I didn’t make it either. Many apologies to all involved for not showing up but as most of you know my sociability thing is chancy at best and going to an event like that by myself just doesn’t happen. But I do hear we missed what seemed to be the social event of the season. Oh, and if I can find what I wrote I’ll throw it on the site so that any of you muthafucker’s living elsewhere’s can read it, not that I’m very happy with it. I can write on this son-of-a-bitch all day long, but give me a deadline and I go all flatline and shit. But since I wasn’t out late lusting after Mito I was able to get to bed at a decent hour and thus get up early and drag my ass over to my mother’s to work on my old truck. It’s been sitting under a shed in her back yard for the past year and I figured it was time to get it back on the road. I stopped by the parts store and picked up a new battery and cables along with some other shit I figured I’d need. I was gonna install everything in the back yard but after realizing that the damn thing sat two low to get under it, I decided to jump it where it sat and move it around to the front of the garage where I could get a big jack under it. I was impressed, after hooking it up to my other car and pumping the gas twice, that muthafucker fired right up and sat there and rumbled like a muthafucker. So I rolled it around and got everything installed and decided to drive it up to the carwash to knock off all the fuckin birdshit and dirt. And now it’s happily residing in the back of my apartment awaiting licensing and shit. Saturday night I went down to the Hurricane, but when I got there I’d forgotten that they were having a big rock show featuring the band Tantric. I didn’t really want to see the band but was there to witness the end of the Boardroom A to Z party. Now I’d gotten there around eight and Mr. Wilson was there also as designated driver to take anyone home too fucked up to drive and he told me that folks were only a bar away. So we settled in to wait on everyone, it ended up turning into a really surreal scene. On the Hurricane stage the band Silverfish was playing, in front of the stage stood a bunch of muthafucker’s all sporting the black t-shirts and shit. Outside the bar huge tour buses took up the entire block, whilst a ton of people stood in line outside the door to get in. And only because it’s Westport, there was some homeless muthafucker standing outside on the sidewalk playing the opening stanza from the movie “Deliverance” on a goddamn banjo over and over. And during all this every few minutes, the door would bang open and someone from the A to Z party would stumble thru the front door dancing like a drunken Rocky screaming that they made it, and then grab on to the bar before they fell over. And behind me stood my old buddy Johnny Dare who’s a local DJ and Greg from the Federation of Horsepower, who had just introduced me to Jesse James Dupree from the band Jackyl who was hanging out for a while. I’m taking all this in and just because I had to know, I walked over to the window and looked up. And there it was brighter then a muthafucker, the full moon. It goes without sayin that the imbibing was somewhat fierce that night.
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