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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>there are no winners</strong>

Wednesday, April 7

there are no winners

Jocelyne Wildenstein before plastic surgury

Jocelyne Wildenstein after plastic surgury to make her look like a cat

The local news station that I watch in the mornings has the oddest tendency to push whatever reality shows the station is showing, as if the cocksuckin things are news worthy. One of the shows they pushed this morning was this new show where women go thru all these treatments to make em better looking, and at the end of the competition a makeover winner is picked. They admit that all the women picked share the common trait of going thru their lives as the so-called ugly duckling and the fact that they all share low self-esteem. My question is why not show these women how to improve themselves if that's what?s needed, and helping themselves feel better about who they are. But instead the show is subjecting them to plastic surgeons and fitness freaks whose idea of beauty is questionable at best. How are they really helping? Cause one of the goals of the show is at the end there are winners and losers, and if you were one of the contestants and lost because fucking America felt you didn't fit it's idea of beauty. What fucking good would that do you now? Because on national TV you've basically been damned as some eternally ass ugly bitch and where's your self-esteem now? I'll tell you, you fuckin have none. Because after going thru all that you've gone thru, it's still not fuckin enough in the jaundiced eyes of your peers. And in reality all you were nothing more then stinkin chum flung to the sharks to attract ratings and the consumer dollar. Some of these reality shows are nothing more then a new age throwing the fuckin Christians to the lions. Stupid mindless drivel made up just to appease the cocksuckin masses. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's the new reality of things. But I fuckin doubt it.

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