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Monday, April 12

Saturday night after a putting in a day full chock full of working on my old truck and watching porn, I headed down to the Hurricane to check out the Saturday night show. The Rushin Roulettes Burlesque Crew were doing their thing that night and I thought the sight of scantly clad women would do the fuckin trick. Plus the rockabilly band the Von Hodads were backing the girls up and I had a couple of old friends from back in the day playing in the band. The cat playing stand up bass for the Von Hodads was my old friend Turbo whom I hung with back in the early eighties. As a matter of fact the evening turned into a small midtown punker’s reunion. Turbo was with the band, sitting next to me at the bar was Cricket and her boyfriend whose name slips me, and we were soon joined by Mark the Shark. Turbo told me that there were a few more there but they were lost in the crowd, which was fuckin huge. Another fine rockabilly band the Grand Marquis opened the evening up and I was really impressed with everybody. That’s the cool thing about the Kansas City music scene. People get together and pull all these different ideas together and the shit ends up working and sounds and looks great, whereas months ago there was nothing.


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